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Kevin Deeds | Testimonial

Wesley's life has been completely changed by addiction treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery

Amazing stories of 2 women facing addiction!

Hawaii Island Recovery was my last stop!

My 7 years old daughter was my breaking point to go to alcohol treatment

If you have gone through a traumatic experience you are in good hands at Hawaii Island Recovery

An incredible journey of recovery at Hawaii Island Recovery

Client is talking about marijuana (cannabis) addiction treatment center in Hawaii

A former client has come to visit HIR and was willing to talk about therapies

Amazing opiate treatment program for Oxycodone addiction at Hawaii Island Recovery

I have lost my 2 children. HIR has been helping me to handle that traumatic situation

Debbie, fromer client has visited Hawaii Island Recovery

John M., Client of Hawaii Island Recovery and his testimonial

Jason (client) is talking about Hawaii Island Recovery

Xanax Addiction Rehab, Detox, & Recovery | Hawaii Island Recovery

Addiction Treatment Rehab | Hawaii Island Recovery

Very emotional video about a young woman facing drug addiction

Nick Terry is talking about his addiction life

Amanda has been sober since August 2011 because of treatment in Hawaii

The story of a young woman who has overcome drug addiction at treatment center in Hawaii

What our former clients wrote about Hawaii Island Recovery

Why to choose Hawaii Island Recovery, Alcohol and Drug addiction treatment

Abby (Part 2), Abby is talking after 41 days about treatment program at Hawaii Island Recovery

Former client (Steve) has a new life after recovery from alcohol at HIR- Part 1/2

Client Abby is talking about treatment program at Hawaii Island Recovery

Airplane pilot Mick after the 30 days treatment program at Hawaii Island Recovery

Hawaii Island Recovery saved my life. I was a broken man who lost control of his life

You have saved my life

This place is so beautiful, because of the people who work here

I have been treated so kindly and beautifully

I am full of love and happiness

You guys all have help to me incredibly much