Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Services at Hawaii Island Recovery

Hawaii Island Recovery’s residential addiction treatment services provide 24-hour supervision to ensure your safety and sobriety. We treat any addiction from meth and heroin to alcohol and opioids, in addition to any psychological disorders causing substance abuse behavior. Above all, we’ll guarantee you’ll be in healing hands.

Safe, confidential and therapeutic environment where clients can recover from addiction and gain the positive skills to lead healthy lives.

Detoxing by yourself is extremely dangerous. Depending on your addiction severity and health, serious consequences may occur.

Our holistic health services at Hawaii Island Recovery enrich your healing with Cranial Sacral Therapy, Mindfulness, Acupuncture, Massage, and Yoga.

Depending on your drug of choice, medical history, and predisposition to mental illness, your addiction severity may be worse than other people’s.

Past traumas are carefully discussed and treated so guests learn healthy coping skills when confronted with triggers and temptation.

Our dual diagnosis treatment comprehensively alleviates the symptoms of both addiction and any co-occurring psychological disorders.

Offering experiential therapy like wild dolphin assisted therapy, we show our guests how rewarding it is to be present for life’s memorable moments.

How and What We Treat

At Hawaii Island Recovery, we realize that every client in unique and has specific needs and goals in overcoming their addiction. To help each client, Hawaii Island Recovery offers comprehensive treatment services that not only feature top-notch clinical care, but holistic health and unique recreational activities. Our experienced treatment staff can treat a wide variety of addictions from alcohol, heroin and cocaine to prescription painkillers, amphetamines and opiates. Hawaii Island Recovery also features programs for people who struggle with mental health issues as well as those who have process disorders such as gambling or sex addiction.

Our services include medical detox, medical/psychological/social assessments, individual and group therapy, and 12-step support. We also feature family therapy, relapse prevention coaching, fitness programs, dolphin therapy as well as discharge and aftercare planning. From detox, addiction recovery and evidence-based treatment to dual diagnosis and experiential therapy.

Addiction Recovery

In order to help each client overcome their addiction, they need to understand that addiction must be attacked from all angles. Effective addiction recovery requires a holistic approach; an approach embraced by Hawaii Island Recovery. We address the mind, body and soul of every person that walks through our doors. With that in mind, we have developed comprehensive treatment programs that address all three areas.

First, we offer medical detox and medication-assisted therapy to help the body gradually detox from the ravages of substance abuse. Once detox is completed, a specialized treatment plan will be created for each client using a wide variety of therapies to help the mind. These therapies include individual and group therapy, CBT, EDMR among others.

To help the soul, we offer great holistic and experiential therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, reiki and our world-famous dolphin therapy program. Additionally, each client has the opportunity to engage in fitness and recreation programs, receive nutritious meals, and get support from our compassionate staff. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

More often than not, a person’s substance abuse is merely a symptom of a deeper underlying issue such as mental illness and the emotional trauma associated with mental conditions. If a client has tried drug treatment in the past and failed, it could very well be the result of an undiagnosed mental illness such as depression, anxiety or PTSD. At Hawaii Island Recovery, we offer comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment services that get at the root of one’s addiction AND mental disorders.

To help those with dual diagnosis, we offer exciting and emerging therapies such as CBT, EDMR, and Neurofeedback. Not only do these therapies help those struggling with mental illness, they also help those who struggle with process addictions. These include sex addiction, food addiction, gambling addiction, pornography addiction and other impulse control problems.

Our dual diagnosis treatment programs follow the same three step process as our other programs. First, therapists take a comprehensive look at a patient’s history to look for trauma and mental health issues that can impede recovery. Secondly, staff will create and initiate a treatment plan specifically designed for each client’s needs. Third, treatment staff will use evidence-based and effective therapies to help build self-esteem and heal body, soul and mind.

Medically Supervised Detox

The first and most important step in recovery from substance abuse is detoxification. While important, many entering recovery are very hesitant of the pain and discomfort of detoxification. There are some who will put off treatment because of that fear. Additionally, some people will try home detox methods to try and “ride things out”. Self-detoxing is very dangerous and can become life-threatening—especially if there are underlying health complications.

Hawaii Island Recovery’s medically supervised detox takes the fear out of the process. Each client will meet with our addictionologist to determine the best and safest way to detox. Through medications and other interventions, you will be able to better tolerate withdrawal symptoms in a safe, supportive and calm environment. Not only will each client receive an individualized plan, our medical staff will create a comprehensive pain management plan that will give them healthier ways to cope with pain as they go through intensive treatment and aftercare.

Evidence-Based Treatment Center

At Hawaii Island Recovery, we want our clients to get the tools and support they need to make lifelong recovery a reality. In order to achieve that goal, we offer evidence-based treatment that is backed by research and proven to work. The evidence-based programs we offer include Dual Diagnosis, CBT, EDMR and Neurofeedback.

These therapies help people recognize negative pattern of thinking that keep the stuck in addiction. These evidence-based therapies also allow clients to resolve traumatic memories as well as resolve underlying mental or psychological barriers. Additionally, these therapies can help clients train their thought process to minimize the negative symptoms that can lead to relapse and drug use.

Wild Assisted Dolphin Therapy

What separates Hawaii Island Recovery from other treatment facilities is our embracing of experiential therapy. We fully utilize the breathtaking scenery to offer clients our unique wild dolphin therapy program. This program allows clients to explore thoughts and feelings while embracing new experiences. Through interaction with dolphins in their environment, clients learn to embrace surrender and their self-worth, and to find the inner peace and calm that will empower them in their recovery. Most importantly, wild assisted dolphin therapy helps clients feel alive and themselves again.

Holistic Health Services

Whether it is an addiction to substances or a behavior, it severely affects one’s whole being. Addiction not only weakens the immune system, causes organ damage and causes mental illness, it cripples the spirit and soul. With the help of Hawaii Island Recovery’s holistic healing programs, clients are to repair the damage causes to the body, spirit and soul. As a result, they are able to heal themselves and move past the ravages of addiction and towards a life of happiness, balance and peace.

We offer powerful healing therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, reiki and yoga. These ancient but effective therapies help reduce anxiety and stress and allow you to feel calm and energized. These therapies also aid in the reduction of withdrawal symptoms, promote mindfulness, reduce drug cravings and promote healing on all levels.

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