Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Services at Hawaii Island Recovery

Hawaii Island Recovery’s residential addiction treatment services provide 24-hour supervision to ensure your safety and sobriety. We treat any addiction from meth and heroin to alcohol and opioids, in addition to any psychological disorders causing substance abuse behavior. Above all, we’ll guarantee you’ll be in healing hands.

Safe, confidential and therapeutic environment where clients can recover from addiction and gain the positive skills to lead healthy lives.

Detoxing by yourself is extremely dangerous. Depending on your addiction severity and health, serious consequences may occur.

Our holistic health services at Hawaii Island Recovery enrich your healing with Cranial Sacral Therapy, Mindfulness, Acupuncture, Massage, and Yoga.

Depending on your drug of choice, medical history, and predisposition to mental illness, your addiction severity may be worse than other people’s.

Past traumas are carefully discussed and treated so guests learn healthy coping skills when confronted with triggers and temptation.

Our dual diagnosis treatment comprehensively alleviates the symptoms of both addiction and any co-occurring psychological disorders.

Offering experiential therapy like wild dolphin assisted therapy, we show our guests how rewarding it is to be present for life’s memorable moments.