“Seeking treatment can be a daunting, overwhelming process, even for medical professionals seeking care for their patients with a substance abuse problem” – Kevin E. Deeds, Director of Admission & Utilization Review.

The admission process here at Hawaii Island Recovery mimics the action of getting sober and staying sober in that we break it down into steps that are easy to understand and follow. Our admission team is here to guide you through each step of the process; many of the members on the team have significant clinical experience and are a breath of fresh air when you finally decide to make that first call.

Step 1 – The Call

You call, and we listen; the admission team at Hawaii Island Recovery is a small group of compassionate individuals willing to listen; our primary focus is to hear you understand your needs. Our admissions team is trained clinically to assess for level of care and treatment focus. Ideally, we can serve you; however, regardless of the circumstances, our team is willing to follow through with you to assure you are placed in treatment at the appropriate level in a treatment center specializing in the proper field. Whether you are struggling with an addiction, a mental health condition, or a combination of the two, as many are, we will make sure you have options to choose from. We have only one criterion when finding an appropriate facility for a caller, and that is quality. After a brief discussion with one of our Intake Specialists, we will move into the second step.

Kevin Deeds | Admission Director at Hawaii Island Recovery

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Step 2- Verification of Insurance Benefits 

Insurance Verification is an essential piece to the puzzle; we accept most private insurance carriers, including HMSA, BlueCross & Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and Meritain, just to name a few. However, we work with hundreds of policies, and we are happy to help you learn more about our ability to work with yours. Our Intake Specialists will help you understand how insurance coverage works at Hawaii Island Recovery and if your insurance policy will cover treatment here, as well as, any out-of-pocket costs associated. Most insurance carriers request that a deductible or out-of-pocket max be met before services are covered at 100%; we will verify insurance for you at no cost and explain your policy’s coverage of substance abuse and mental health treatment. There are no hidden fees or balances left over after treatment that you will be unaware of; our team will be sure to give you an accurate quote, if the amount quoted is out of reach we will help you work out financing options. For most individuals, treatment covered by insurance is affordable. Cost associated with using your insurance shouldn’t be a barrier to getting help. Regardless of your situation, we will make every effort to be sure you receive the care you deserve to begin your recovery from substance abuse or co-occurring disorders. For those who don’t have insurance, we offer private pay services; give us a call to learn more about our private pay rates.

Step 3 – Pre-Admission Screening

We utilize screening tools nationally recognized as the most ethical and efficient way to assess a patient for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorder. The tools we use are the ASAM patient placement criteria, the AUDIT alcohol screen, the DAST-10 & DAST-20 substance screening tools, and screening instruments like the PHQ-9, GAD-7, and BECKS inventory to assess for major depression and generalized anxiety. The Pre-screening assessment is a 45 min phone conversation in which a clinically trained Intake Specialist will go through your biological, psychological, and social history.

The pre-screening evaluation gives us a better understanding of your substance use patterns and any mental health concerns you may have, as well as how these issues are impacting your life. This preliminary screening is not a complete biopsychosocial evaluation, but it will allow us to record important information that our chain of quality can review. Your pre-screening is confidential, and the only ones who will review the screening are the members of our clinical team to help us decide the appropriate level of care.

The first person to review the evaluation is the Director of Admissions & Utilization Review; it’s his job to ensure that you meet the criteria for level of care and ensure that treatment is utilized at the appropriate intensity, so insurance authorizes coverage. Our Clinical and Medical Director will be the next to review the screening to ensure that nothing was missed before we give the green light to begin treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery. Everything we do is in the spirit of making sure this is your last stop.

Step 4 – Admission Coordination

Once the green light is given, our Director of Admissions and Utilization Review will reach out to you to coordinate the details of your intake. If you’re traveling from the mainland or neighboring islands, we will assist you with finding a flight that lines up with your admission date and time. We will also make sure you comply with COVID-19 travel protocols and ensure you land with all the information requested by the Hawaii Travel Authority. There are a few prerequisites to the admission that we will prepare you for, such as a TB test, COVID-19 test, and making sure you have packed everything you’ll need during your time with us and nothing you don’t.

Step 5 – Welcome to Hawaii Island Recovery 

Waiting for you at the airport upon arrival, if traveling, will be our Director of Admissions & UR and one of our Intake Specialists; your day of admission will begin with aloha. Treatment starts as soon as you step in the door. Upon arriving at the facility’s clinical office, treatment will begin with a physical exam by our Medical Director, Board Certified Addictionologist, Dr. Stephen H. Denzer. He will address any immediate withdrawal discomfort and ensure a safe transition into treatment. A typical day of admission is a series of assessments and evaluations; after seeing our Medical Director, a complete biopsychosocial evaluation will begin with our Director of Admissions & UR to initiate insurance coverage and begin the treatment planning process.

Aftercare planning also starts on day one as you meet with your Case Manager to assess your treatment preferences and begin setting goals. Following the initial assessments and evaluations is an orientation to the Hawaii Island Recovery program, including information about your treatment, a review of the daily schedule, a tour of the facility, and an introduction to your peers. Some patients arrive feeling under the weather; after seeing our Medical Director for evaluation of detox needs, if any, we will offer a meal and an opportunity to rest, and the remainder of the admission will take place after you’ve had a chance to settle in. Our caring and compassionate team of professionals is looking forward to meeting you to begin your journey of discovery and recovery from addiction.

5 Steps of Admission Process at Hawaii Island Recovery | Kevin Deeds

Substance Abuse Assessment

Hawaii Island Recovery uses a thorough Diagnostic Assessment. This multidimensional evaluation, along with other nationally recognized screening instruments such as the DAST-20, AUDIT, CAIG-AID, and PHQ-9, are utilized to assist in determining the need for treatment of substance abuse disorders or other co-occurring mental health conditions and will illuminate the appropriate level of care. Whether you require residential or outpatient services, an assessment is the place to start and will help you determine what’s right for you.  

If you need a Substance Abuse Assessment as a Stand-Alone Service, call our admission line and inquire about scheduling an appointment. Hawaii Island Recovery can do substance Abuse Assessments either in person or via telehealth on platforms like Zoom.

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