Our Team

Hawaii Island Recovery is comprised of licensed professionals who practice evidence-based therapies to treat addiction, co-occurring disorders, and chronic pain. These include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

Executive Team

Jimmy Kayihura | Managing Director at Hawaii Island Recovery

James Kayihura

Managing Director

Jimmy’s journey to HIR has been forged from experience, both personal and professional.  Combine this with his contagious enthusiasm and expansive vision, Jimmy has been instrumental in shaping HIR into the exceptional program we have become. As Managing Director, Jimmy inspires others with his passion for recovery and exudes the joy and freedom that come with this life-changing decision. Jimmy is a gifted musician and enjoys being active and exploring the natural beauty of the Big Island with his 3 legged dog “ Lucky”.

Stephen Denzer | Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction and Internal Medicine

Stephen H. Denzer, M.D., FACP

Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction and Internal Medicine

As a Board Certified Addictionologist, Dr. Denzer is on the cutting edge of addiction medicine. Under Dr. Denzer’s direction, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is provided to patients who require medication to ensure a safe and comfortable detoxification. Dr. Denzer is a brilliant physician who is generous with his knowledge and his time and is a dedicated ally to our patients as they heal from their addictions. Dr. Denzer has a great many talents and interests and is a passionate bow hunter and a collector of axolotl.

Gudrun Baumgaertl | Finance Director at Hawaii Island Recovery

Gudrun Baumgaertl, PH.D

Finance Director

Gudrun has resided on a Big Island for over 20 years, originally hailing from Germany. Gudrun is a highly accomplished academic and earned a Ph.D. in the Natural Sciences, penning a book on evolutionary theories predating Darwin. In her capacity as Finance Director, Gudrun applies her exacting attention to detail and her outstanding organizational abilities to ensure the smooth operation of HIR. Gudrun has traveled the world and is endlessly curious, and has recently enrolled in a CSAC certification to deepen her understanding of addiction. Gudrun loves to cook and enjoys going to the beach with her beloved canine sidekick “Yani”.

Clinical Team

Frank Capatch

Frank Capatch, LCSW

Clinical Director & Lead Therapist

Frank Capatch, LCSW, brings nearly five decades of experience to the role of HIR Clinical Lead “Point Therapist.” Certified by EMDRIA and the EMDR Institute, he has over a decade as a Training Consultant and actively promotes EMDR in Hawaii. Frank serves as Program Manager for a local nonprofit offering EMDR training to Hawaii’s mental health professionals, special programs, and therapy for teens, adults, and elders. (thegreenwill.org)

Frank has served in leadership roles in medical and academic settings specializing in psycho-behavioral management. As a mental health field educator, he provides community education and offers trauma-informed and capable care to Hawaii’s veterans.

Fernando Manon | Therapist at Hawaii Island Recovery

Fernando Manon, MSED., CSAC


Fernando is a founding member of our clinical team and has been with HIR for over a decade. Fernando holds a master’s degree in counseling (MSEd) and is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC). Fernando has extensive training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and is a Certified EMDR therapist and consultant. Fernando is passionate about recovery and believes every addict and alcoholic can heal and join him on the road to “peace, love, and happiness”.

David Molletti | Operations Coordinator and Family Therapist at Hawaii Island Recovery

David Molletti, BS, NCACI, CFTP

Operations Coordinator and Family Therapist

David is a lifetime Alaskan who heeded the call of the Big Island to join the Hawaii Island Recovery team in 2018. David’s professional background is as interesting and diverse as he is, with stints in the music industry,  film production and IT management. Embracing his own life in recovery, David was led to his eventual calling as a therapist specializing in addiction. David holds state and national certifications and has extensive training in several treatment modalities, including the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). As a lifelong mind/ body practitioner, his approach to therapy integrates Trauma-Informed Person-Centered Therapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy. David enjoys Qi Gong, composing music and screenwriting as personal past times and he toils in the dirt whenever possible, lovingly tending to his fruit trees.

Daniel Caputo | Naturopath and Acupuncturist at Hawaii Island Recovery

Daniel Caputo, N.D., L.AC

Naturopath and Acupuncturist

“Dr. Dan” is a beloved member of our holistic health team and provides our patients with acupuncture that is targeted to the needs of those in early recovery. Dr. Dan utilizes modalities including Acupuncture to help activate the healing process of the body and support the return to health and balance. Dr. Dan is an athlete and enthusiastic pickle ball player and enjoys spending time with his family exploring the natural beauty of the Big Island.

Kevin Deeds | Admission Director at Hawaii Island Recovery

Kevin E. Deeds, SACIV NAADAC #231284

Utilization Manager

Kevin’s genuine care and compassion for patients struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues are manifest in his tireless dedication to serving the patients at Hawaii Island Recovery. Kevin is a substance abuse counselor III with five years of experience in the behavioral health field. He has worked in multiple positions in a residential setting both administrative and clinical. Kevin works as an advocate for our patients and is passionate about Utilization Review and Clinical Assessment. Following the NAADAC and ICDAC exams, he will be pursuing an MSW through UH Manoa. His clinical training and education in the psychology and treatment of substance use and co-occurring disorders have prepared him for his role as Hawaii Island Recovery’s Utilization Manager and Lead Assessment Counselor. Kevin is dedicated to advocating for authorization of treatment at the appropriate level of care for the amount of time necessary to afford our patients the ability to build a foundation of recovery and return to health without the undue burden associated with an insurance company’s willingness to provide you the care you deserve. Kevin has called Big Island home since 2012 and is a humble student of Hawaiian cultural practices, most notably Hula, and is a devoted “dog dad” to his beloved dachshund mix Maté.

“I enjoy counseling patients, helping them navigate the road to recovery early in their journey is a blessing. I also have a deep passion for patient advocation and love obtaining the care our patients need to really “recover” from whatever it is that brought them into our care; Utilization Review is not just my job; patient advocation is my calling” 

Our Team Avatar | Hawaii Island Recovery

Elfriede Nordlohne, LMT

Massage Therapist

Elfriede began working with HIR patients in 2019 soon after obtaining her Massage Therapy license. Elfriede strives to provide our patients with a personalized massage experience that addresses their specific needs. Whether a patient opts for a soothing massage or deep tissue, Elfriede is committed to helping people to feel better through the application of therapeutic massage techniques.


Hannah Murphy

Primary Massage Therapist

Hannah is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Hawaii. Her journey started at Aloha Student Massage Academy on the Island of Hawaii. Throughout her education, Hannah studied Swedish, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascia Release, and Lomi Lomi. Hannah also studies Thai Yoga. “I felt a calling my first year while living on Big Island which is known as the “healing island” to pursue massage, although I have never received a message my entire life.“ Hannah is enthusiastic about sharing the healing of massage therapy with you.

Medical Team

Stephen Denzer | Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction and Internal Medicine

Stephen H. Denzer, M.D., FACP

Medical Director, Board Certified in Addiction and Internal Medicine

As a Board Certified Addictionologist, Dr. Denzer is on the cutting edge of addiction medicine. Under Dr. Denzer’s direction, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is provided to patients who require medication to ensure a safe and comfortable detoxification. Dr. Denzer is a brilliant physician who is generous with his knowledge and his time and is a dedicated ally to our patients as they heal from their addictions. Dr. Denzer has a great many talents and interests and is a passionate bow hunter and a collector of axolotl.

Jemimah Kayihura | Case Manager at Hawaii Island Recovery

Jemimah Kayihura, AMAA

Medical Assistant

“Jem” joined the HIR team in 2020 and hails from Washington state. Jem is a Certified Medical Assistant and applies her attention to detail to her work as a Case Manager. Jem provides the interface between patients, their families, and the care team and is dedicated to ensuring there is a continuity of care that supports each patient’s unique needs.

Kevin Snow | Nurse at Hawaii Island Recovery

Kevin Snow

Registered Nurse

Kevin Snow provides medical care to the residents of Hawaii Island Recovery at the residence. The duties include physical examination, vital sign monitoring, and identifying a medical issue that requires further evaluation by the medical doctor. Kevin is a new addition to Hawaii Island Recovery and is excited to be a part of this professional team. Kevin received his Bachelor in Science in Psychology from Virginia Tech in 1987, and his Bachelor in Nursing from Radford University in 1997. He was a variety of experiences including psychiatric, medical/surgical, emergency department, gastroenterology, and cardiology. His experience has included inpatient and outpatient settings. Kevin is an avid reader, scuba diver, and musician, as well as a wedding officiant. Kevin has lived on the big island with his wife since 2011.

Resident Managers

Toby Broido | Resident Manager at Hawaii Island Recovery

Toby Broido

Resident Manager & Admissions

Hailing from Philadelphia, Toby is a seasoned Resident Manager who made Hawaii his home in 2016. Toby has worked in the field of addiction treatment for several years and brings both enthusiasm and compassion to his job. Toby is a gifted writer and avid reader and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in social work. Toby and his canine companion Page enjoy exploring hard-to-reach places in our diverse island habitat and Toby aspires to play tennis well and recently took up running.

Michael Park | Lead Resident Manager at Hawaii Island Recovery

Michael Park

Resident Manager

Micheal leads by example and works quietly and diligently to ensure all Resident Managers provide consistent, compassionate care to our patients. Michael joined the HIR team in 2019 and has over 5 years of experience working in the field of addiction treatment. Michael is a source of wisdom and comfort for our patients and has a natural ability to connect with people in a meaningful way.

Tyler Alcos

Tyler Alcos

Resident Manager

Tyler is a self-described “night owl” whose talents are well realized as a Resident Manager on the overnight shift. Tyler is a veteran who joined our team in 2020. Patients appreciate his humor and availability for support (and a strong cup of coffee) in the wee hours.

Our Team Avatar | Hawaii Island Recovery

Laeka Zemach

Resident Manager

Laeka joined the HIR team in 2022, after moving to the Big Island from the San Francisco Bay area. Laeka has a background in social sciences and a passion for social justice. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life and providing compassionate care to anyone who walks through the doors of recovery. Laeka spends her free time practicing yoga and meditation and exploring the island with her rescue dog,

Outpatient Team

Stacey Rodman - Resident manager

Stacey Rodman

Resident Manager & Patient Care Coordinator

Stacey has been a part of the medical community since 1998, after completing her medical certification for billing and coding. She furthered her education and received her Associate in Applied Science for Hospital Administration with a psychology background. Stacey spent several years as an Adult Mental Health Case Manager before joining HIR. She enjoys being a calming presence to our patients while providing compassionate and caring support. Stacey loves to garden and spend time with her family. 

Douglas Moorman | Outpatient Therapist

Douglas Moorman

Outpatient Therapist

Dougie has been with HIR since 2021 as an addiction counselor. He has a genuine desire to build community by delving deeply with patients both individually and in groups. Dougie values the focus on family and relationships, as well as vulnerability, and accountability, as these are the foundation and building blocks to a successful long-term recovery. His counseling approach stems from deep introspection and his own personal work. He often says, “I can’t help anyone put on their oxygen mask unless I put on mine first.” Dougie believes that showing kindness and empathy toward others will get you far in life. He has been involved in the arts & theatre, sports, and many public speaking events. Dougie has been a resident of Hawai’i Island for seven years with his wife, Sylve. He welcomed his first-born son, ‘Ekolu, in January 2023. He and his wife also co-parent their beloved kittens (Biscuits & Gravy) with Hannah, the massage therapist of HIR.

Our Team Avatar | Hawaii Island Recovery

Jamie Baculpo

Outpatient Therapist

BIO Coming Soon …


Sophie Higgins | Quality Assurance Specialist at Hawaii Island Recovery

Sophie Higgins

Quality Assurance Specialist

“Quality is never an accident… it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”. This quote succinctly encapsulates Sophie’s approach to her position as Quality Assurance Specialist. Sophie has obtained several advanced degrees, including an MBA, and has many years of work experience in management and leadership. Sophie is a team builder and believes in harnessing the collective intelligence of our staff to accomplish excellence. Sophie has published several books in her native Danish and was drawn to the United States by her passion for American Kenpo Karate. Sophie enjoys exploring the natural beauty of the Big Island and has an affinity for family-centered recovery.

Anthony Firestone - Chef

Anthony Firestone


BIO Coming Soon …

Kirk Henry | Cross Coach

Kirk Henry

CrossFit Coach

Beginning as a hobby, Kirk’s Cross Fit journey began at age 48 when he endeavored to improve his personal fitness and health. Feeling the positive effects compelled Kirk to involve his family and gradually led to coaching Cross Fit and establishing a Cross Fit facility for our community. Kirk provides a safe, fun, and encouraging environment for our patients to regain their strength and “loves watching our patients get stronger, deal with adversity, push through hard workouts and accomplish their goals”.

”Captain Kirk” https://www.crossfitkona.com/

Jan Seifert | Marketing Director at Hawaii Island Recovery

Jan Seifert

Marketing Director

Jan received his degree in Economics in the Czech Republic. He has worked for Hawaii Island Recovery since 2014.  An ever-increasing sense of life purpose to help others has evolved for Jan as he has worked in addiction treatment. He is proud to work for Hawaii Island Recovery because it is a “life-changing program” and in many cases “a life-saving program”. His stated goal is to help as many people as possible with recovery from addiction.