Do You Need to Detox?

Detox safely and comfortably under the supervision of a board-certified addictionologist in Hawaii.

Detoxing Alone Is Dangerous

Anytime your body develops a chemical dependency on alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, cocaine, amphetamines, or any other substance, the first step to recovery is detox. 


No matter how committed you are to your recovery, however, it’s important to never attempt this first step alone. That’s because detoxing without medical supervision can be dangerous and painful. 


The physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when detoxing alone could include nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures, anxiety, bone and joint pain, overwhelming cravings, and suicidal thoughts. In some cases, withdrawing from particular substances too quickly can even be fatal.


Detoxing alone is rarely successful… but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Hawaii Island Recovery, we offer a better, safer way to detox and embark on your journey to recovery.

A Safer Way to Detox

Detox doesn’t have to be scary or painful. We offer a straightforward path to addiction recovery that begins with a safer, more comfortable way to detox.

Step 1: Speak with Our Addictionologist

Our addictionologist is a board-certified doctor who can assess you and help you determine the best way to detox, as well as prescribe any medications that could safely and effectively keep you comfortable as you detox.

Step 2: Detox in a Safe Environment 

Detox on the beautiful, healing island of Hawaii under the care of medical professionals who can monitor you for signs of danger and help you manage withdrawal symptoms as you detox safely and comfortably.

Step 3: Continue with Therapy

After detoxing, it’s time to address the underlying causes of addiction with evidence-based and experiential therapies in both group and individual settings for a holistic treatment approach that supports your lasting recovery.

Does Detox Hurt? 

Detox and withdrawal can be painful when attempted on your own, which is why so many attempts to detox alone ultimately fail. Fortunately, we offer you several ways to prioritize your comfort, keep you safe, and increase your chances of a successful detox.

A Personalized Plan – Quitting cold turkey isn’t always the safest way to detox. We minimize your discomfort by guiding you towards the right detox plan for you, even if it’s a long-term approach.

Suboxone Prescriptions – When appropriate, our board-certified physician is licensed to prescribe Suboxone, a versatile adjunct to your detox and addiction treatment that can minimize the symptoms of both withdrawal and chronic pain.

Chronic Pain Management Plan – Our medical team will evaluate you to establish a chronic pain management plan that reduces your risk of prescription medication abuse while still providing effective pain relief.

Comfortable Detox Environment – Instead of detoxing in a harsh and uncomfortable hospital, we’ll invite you to recover safely in our beautiful and relaxing treatment resort on the healing island of Hawaii.

Detox and Chronic Pain Management

Detox and Chronic Pain | Hawaii Island Recovery

Sciatica. Back pain. Migraine headaches. Injuries. Chronic pain of any kind can be debilitating and is often treated with highly addictive opiates and sedatives. Unfortunately, this can lead to increased tolerance, dependency, problematic drug use, and addiction.

If that’s your story, detoxing may feel like an impossible first step. After all, won’t your chronic pain flare up and make detoxing unbearable? If you attempt to quit cold turkey on your own, yes, that will probably be the case. But at Hawaiian Island Recovery, we offer a better way.

Before starting your detox, you’ll undergo a comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluation for chronic pain. Then, we’ll utilize the latest advances in medication and mind-body medicine to determine the most effective non-addictive pain management protocols for you.

This ensures we can treat your chronic pain safely and effectively with pain management you can trust, even while detoxing from addictive medications. The outcome? A more successful, comfortable, and safe detox for an easier first step on your road to recovery.

Expertise You Can Trust

Your health and comfort are in good hands here at Hawaiian Island Recovery. Watch this short video to meet Dr. Stephen H. Denzer, our Medical Director and the board-certified addictionologist who will oversee your detox, medication management, and pain management.


Life After Detox

Detoxing from an addictive substance is an incredible accomplishment, and we look forward to celebrating that accomplishment with you! After you complete detox, we want to ensure you are equipped to stay sober and healthy for life. 

The next step in your journey to recovery will be enrollment in our multi-disciplinary, integrative, and personalized residential treatment. Our approach is unique and strategically designed to help heal your body, soul, and mind for a complete and lasting recovery.

After Detox is Treatment

A Comfortable Detox Is Possible

No matter how your past attempts at detox have gone, we can help you detox comfortably and safely here in beautiful Hawaii. Here’s what a few of our past clients had to say about their detox experience at our treatment center.

  • A successful 30-day rehab and detox from pain pills and cocaine

    I have never been to rehab in my life and I was so afraid of detox and being miserable without pills and drugs. I wish I came to HIR sooner because they made it so easy for me. If you or a family member is considering treatment I will highly suggest Hawaii Island Recovery they have the best staff to accommodate your needs and are very compassionate and accommodating.
    Chris, Former client
  • I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to change their life for the better

    My month at Hawaii Island Recovery has been amazing. The therapists and staff are fantastic and have helped me overcome traumas I have been holding onto for 13+ years. They have taught me a large variety of skills to manage my anxiety and made my detox as comfortable as possible.
    Anonymous, Former Client
  • I am so incredibly thankful to Hawaii Island Recovery for saving my life

    I am so incredibly thankful to Hawaii Island Recovery for saving my life, and for putting me on my path into recovery, and for giving me peace.

    They became my family more and more each day, right from the beginning. The whole staff really cared  “straight from the heart”

    I will have them in my prayers every night

    Norma, Former Client

Are you ready to detox safely and comfortably?