Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is a serious condition but recovery is possible! If you’re struggling, drug addiction treatment in Hawaii can help.

In order to permanently overcome drug addiction, you need to attend a facility with proven methods and techniques. A quality drug addiction treatment center uses evidence-based modalities. These help people with various addictions heal their mind and remain sober. It’s important to understand that drug use is only a symptom of the overall disease

Is Drug Addiction a Disease?

Unfortunately, too many people still believe that drug addiction is a choice. They think it’s as simple as “just quitting” and that people who cannot are weak-willed or lack self-control. This couldn’t be further from the truth and these false assumptions perpetuate the stigma against addiction.

In reality, drug addiction is a disease that is complex and progressive. It isn’t something people choose to live and struggle with. Although using drugs the first few times is a choice, the power of choice slips away as your drug use advances. Once addiction sets in, use becomes compulsive and almost impossible to control.

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Additionally, drug addiction does not go away even when you do stop using drugs. There is no cure for drug addiction. It is similar to other diseases like cancer or heart diseases. These conditions can go into remission but the chance of their returning is always possible. In the same way, once you get sober there is always the risk of a potential relapse.

No matter how long you stop using substances, if you relapse and start using again you’ll likely return to the same place you left off. This is because drug addiction is a serious disease, one that requires treatment and ongoing work to remain in recovery from.

What Is Drug Addiction Treatment For?

For most people, staying sober is a much more difficult task than simply getting there. If people could stay sober by merely going through heroin addiction detox, the relapse rate wouldn’t be so high. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case because people have underlying problems which only make their situations worse. When you’re in drug addiction treatment, you’ll determine the root causes of your addiction and begin working through them.

The most common reasons people develop addictions include:

  • Mental illness
  • Trauma
  • Poor coping skills

By understanding the main cause of your addiction, you’ll learn how to overcome it. The reality is that all of your triggers continue to affect you once you leave. Thus, the goal of treatment is learning how to identify your triggers so you have coping methods for overcoming them. This is why the most effective treatment centers provide tools for helping people remain sober for many years.

Evidence-based Drug Addiction Treatment Methods in Hawaii

There are many facilities out there that claim they have the cure for addiction. When going to treatment, you need to know whether you’ve chosen a reputable facility. Evidence-based treatments have gone through many scientific studies and they show successful cognitive changes for those in recovery. These methods help rewire and heal your brain so you’ll feel more confident throughout rehabilitation.

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One of the most common evidence-based treatments is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Many people’s thoughts turn into obsessions, leading to drinking and using drugs. Fortunately, CBT helps you identify these logical traps early, and replace dangerous thoughts with healthier ones. This also includes replacing actions that lead back to alcohol or drugs with more productive behavior. Above all, with the help of cognitive-behavioral therapy, your reaction soon becomes the right choice rather than another negative consequence.

Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment in Hawaii

The best treatment facilities provide mental health treatment. Unfortunately, mental illness is the leading cause of addiction and relapse. Therefore, a facility specializing in dual diagnosis treatment helps you learn how to effectively manage your symptoms. With individual therapy sessions and a variety of holistic methods, we can help you accomplish this.

Quality treatment facilities don’t require you to rely on mental health medications. Thus, holistic options for your mental health are extremely beneficial. Learning practices like yoga or massage decrease anxiety and depression. Meditation is another coping method with real benefits for overcoming the stress associated with mental illness.

Hawaii Island Recovery is a drug addiction treatment center providing evidence-based, dual diagnosis, holistic treatments for lasting recovery. We have an extremely high success rate with over 75 percent of our clients staying clean for a year or longer. The comprehensive programs we offer include:

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