As you make the decision to enter drug rehab, you may feel afraid and alone. You may even feel like you’re the only one in the world with problems as painful as the ones caused by your addiction—but you’re not. Discovering that others just like you have walked this road and emerged victoriously will help you in your own journey.

First created by Alcoholics Anonymous, 12 step programs are designed to connect those beginning their journey to recovery (for the 1st or the 50th time) with others along the journey and sponsors who have beaten their own addictions and are enjoying life sober and free. At Hawaiian Island Recovery (HIR), our 12 step program will play a key role in helping you form new, healthy relationships that will play a beautiful part in your recovery story.

Do you feel like this journey is all just… a bit too much? That’s okay, too. In fact, admitting that you cannot control your addiction is the first step to recovery in a 12 step program, so you’re already on your way to a happier, healthier life.

What to Expect From The 12 Step Program

As a participant in our 12 step program, you’ll meet regularly with others going through the program and learn from a sponsor who has already successfully completed the program.

As The American Psychological Association explains it, the 12 step program involves:

  • admitting that you cannot control your alcoholism, addiction, or compulsion
  • recognizing a higher power that can give you strength
  • examining past errors with the help of your sponsor
  • making amends for those errors
  • learning to live a new life with a new code of behavior
  • helping others who suffer from the same alcoholism, addictions, or compulsions

It may be hard to imagine now, but upon completing the program, you’ll be able to turn around and extend a helping hand and encouraging word to others who are beginning their own journeys to recovery.

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HIR relies on a 12-step program as one component of a well-rounded treatment plan, which will include a variety of rehab options. We have found this to be a positive avenue for residents to receive valuable social support for their recovery in rehab and beyond.

12-step meetings provide residents with a welcome opportunity to move outside of one-on-one sessions with therapists to process experiences with peers. Many find renewed strength in a judgment-free zone where they can learn from others’ ups and downs. The dialogue that occurs provides residents with healthy reminders of the consequences of returning to their addiction, as well as the many benefits of faithfully abstaining from addictive substances or behaviors.

HIR continues to implement a 12 step program because residents tell us that these meetings have played a critical role in their recovery. One former resident told The Fix, “ combination of 12-step (meeting in the community in the morning and evening) and various therapeutic modalities is the combination that I feel saved my life.”

Another shared with us upon completing our program, “Thankfully, with the amazing love and support of HIR Staff, my sponsor, AA, the 12 step program, and my higher power, I have been brought out of a dark place in my life and have been blessed with the opportunity to see beauty in myself and others, living a clean, sober life.”

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When you enter rehab at HIR and discover a new community through 12 step program meetings, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to continue strengthening those valuable relationships outside of the meetings. HIR offers a wide variety of excursions to make your treatment every bit as fun as it is effective. You may swim with dolphins, explore waterfalls, go on hikes, or watch the sunset with your new friends—who will soon feel more like family.

If you’re looking for hope, friendship, and support on your journey to recovery, you’ll find just that when you embrace the 12 step program at HIR. Contact us today to learn more and begin your journey to freedom.

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