Spirituality can be a core part of recovery from the first step into detox through outpatient care to daily life. Engendering a spiritual connection to something, whether a specific belief, nature, or any other spiritual center, can bring feelings of security and calm. Developing a spiritual relationship can inform a healthier mental and emotional state. 

Throughout a center for alcohol and drug treatment, personalized spiritual practices are standard, with experiential therapies, mindfulness techniques, and other spiritual practices all promoting agency and healthy changes in the body and the mind. Bringing these spiritual practices home post-treatment can ensure that they continue to impact one’s sobriety positively. Finding ways to engage with one’s spiritual health can have lasting benefits on one’s journey. 

Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality is an intentionally enigmatic concept for those navigating sobriety. Spirituality is the ability to feel connected to something else on an intimate, emotional level. For some, spirituality can manifest in religion, with a higher power or other belief system attached. 

However, it is possible to engage in spiritual practices that carry no religious connotation and manifest as a connection between one’s spirit and the energies of the natural world itself. Meditation, laying on the sands of a beach, walking amongst trees, yoga, and much more are all enlightening spiritual experiences as an individual connects their minds to their bodies to larger spiritual beliefs, opening one up to newfound healing and spiritual potential. 

There is no wrong way to find spiritual peace and strength, and each individual will have their own forms of spiritual practice, from daily mantras to personal rituals and exercises. However, regardless of the form it takes, creating a  spiritual outlet at home has a number of advantages for one’s continuing sober success. 

Incorporating Spirituality Into Treatment
Incorporating Spirituality Into Treatment

Spirituality is a crucial component of addiction recovery, but it can also be difficult to define and explore. Learn to embrace spirituality at (866) 390-5070.

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The Benefits of Active Spiritual Practices

Nurturing one’s spiritual health in recovery has many benefits for one’s mental health. 

Creating a Community

Spirituality can provide a newfound sense of belonging, helping an individual break through feelings of isolation and loneliness that can be prevalent throughout one’s continued recovery. By connecting oneself with new perspectives and energies, an individual can feel more connected to their community or even a more connected part of their world. Finding others with similar spiritual beliefs can continue to facilitate this connectivity, birthing new relationships at any point in one’s recovery journey. 

A Sense of Individuality

Spiritual practices impart a great deal of agency, allowing individuals to control their beliefs and stresses and how they react to them. Whether one is connected through a religious channel or is taking on a newfound perspective and responsibility in their own spiritual beliefs and mantras, one’s spiritual beliefs can boost feelings of agency and accountability to continue living one’s best sober life. 

Help With Daily Life

Spiritual beliefs can also aid decision-making and provide structure to daily routines, even when stresses are prevalent or one is battling urges, cravings, anxiety, depression, and anything else that may continue to impact one’s life negatively. Having a set of spiritual beliefs to guide one’s decisions and create a solid sense of structure is essential for managing even the most difficult trials throughout recovery.

Creating a Spiritual Space at Home

Spirituality isn’t something that is “completed,” and creating a spiritual outlet at home ensures that these spiritual practices continue to develop. While the spiritual healing promoted at Hawaii Island Recovery is a profound experience for many, it is important to blend these experiences into one’s practices at home. 

Creating Specific Spaces to Feel Connected

Dedicating a space for spiritual practice can ensure that the space is safe, calm, and relaxing when one does engage in dedicated spiritual activities. For some, having a room dedicated to yoga and meditation and filled with calming, natural iconography can be incredibly beneficial. Even setting up a shrine or curating a small corner of a room may still provide the calm needed to connect to one’s spiritual beliefs, complete with whatever one may need, from candles to paper and photographs.

Spending Time Outside

Others may incorporate spirituality by spending time outside, scheduling regular walks outdoors, or visiting natural places. Finding natural spaces, hiking trails, and more can help connect an individual to positive, natural energies while promoting a healthy physical lifestyle.

Gratitude Journaling

One’s spiritual practices can even include something such as a gratitude journal. Gratitude journals can be incredibly effective for maintaining and nurturing one’s spiritual practice. Regularly exposing oneself to this positivity and gratitude can reinforce one’s emotional wellbeing while helping build meaningful relationships and creating a more positive perspective and worldview. 

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Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

Spirituality can have a positive impact on those recovering from substance abuse. To learn more, call HIR today at (866) 390-5070.

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Creating a spiritual space at home

Spending Time to Connect

Regardless of how an individual wants to engage with their spiritual practices, scheduling time for daily commitment and developing accessible, at-home spiritual outlets are crucial for one’s continued emotional health in sobriety. One’s spiritual health is just as important as any other part of one’s recovery, and treating one’s spiritual wellbeing and carrying the spiritual components of one’s time in recovery back home can continue to facilitate growth and a healthy, sober daily life.

Finding your spiritual connection is a core part of your recovery and a wholly transformative experience. We at Hawaii Island Recovery are committed to helping you find a new sense of peace and healing in every aspect of your life. From helping establish core coping strategies and grounding techniques to exploring the spiritual connections to the world and much more, your time with our Hawaii recovery center is unique and personalized for your needs and goals, from your first step into detox through residential and ongoing outpatient care and support. Even after time spent at Hawaii Island Recovery, we will continue to provide continuing care to help you succeed in life and in recovery. For more information on how we can help you cultivate spirituality outside of treatment and build your dream life in recovery, call us today at (866) 390-5070.