Dear HIR Staff,

I came into the treatment program not knowing what to expect in the days and weeks to come. Talking with Jimmy on the phone put me at ease. He assured me everyone feels the same way and all of my housemates were in the same boat.

After getting settled after a long day, I got to meet them. I was greeted
with such compassion, it was overwhelming. The resident managers, Paul, Bria, Bri, Danielle, Toby and Kevin are very caring and make sure it is a safe environment conducive to healing and recovery.

Chef Danni sat down with me the next day to ask me about food likes and dislikes, allergies, and special requests. She is amazing in the kitchen, but beyond that she greets you with a smile and bits of wisdom. You will get bigger smiles, however, if you are an Alabama Football fan. The variety and quality of the meals she prepares are 2nd to none. I’m not one for eating healthy but the
meals are tasty and filling, you will never leave the table hungry.

The activities and personal time is crucial to recovery. After getting used to the schedule, the time starts to fly. I attribute that to wonderful housemates that all had one single goal in mind. Sobriety, clean living and a happy, healthy life. One that I could not have obtained on my own terms. I came to get sober, I left with wonderful friends that became family. Thank you again.

Special thanks to the Case Manager, Kristy for all the hard work with scheduling and in working with my insurance. Therapists, Nance, Fernando, and Z for helping me figure out the cause of my addiction.

Coming to Hawaii Island Recovery was the best decision
I have made in a long, long time and wont hesitate to recommend it to any
of my friends or family.

Thank you for giving my life back.


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