What our former client says

“The reason why I decided to come to HIR was because I was tired of being where I was. I had lost my job my car my place to live. I just didn’t even know how to be a person anymore. I didn’t care about anything. Then it was suggested to me to try inpatient treatment.  And right when I got here everybody was just so warm and loving to me and accepting of me and I just never felt anything like that before. I like the second I got here a person in the group just ran straight up to me and gave me a hug and told me that they love me and they were so genuine about it like I could tell that wasn’t just a fake put on for a show. I was used to and then I came through the counseling and for the day groups and the staff and people were just amazing helped me learn so much more about myself like taught me how to be a person again. I had just become so horrible in depressed and just an empty shell of what I was or who I really was. I didn’t know who I was.

I thought but I was just this person that doesn’t care I was meant just to be a junkie at accepted that that’s what I am and that’s what I’ll always be and that there is no life outside of using for me but and that friends weren’t someone you but even really existed and if they did you certainly didn’t trust them didn’t trust anybody and I brought that same mentality here too when I came to HIR about that same mentality right when I met everybody I was standoffish and quiet I couldn’t even look anyone in the eye. But as I started going to the start talking to people they’re all so nice to me and trusting and then they took me to meetings which is something I didn’t even know anything about. It was again so much more love and compassion and people that were just so opening and welcome to me accepted me with all my weirdness and nervousness and awkwardness that I always thought was something to be ashamed of like that it like oh I’m being really weird like that’s not okay.

Oh, I’m having an emotion that’s not okay but when I came here like it didn’t matter if I couldn’t get through my sentence or if I started crying because they something just really hit home for me they just greeted me with even more love and understanding and even the people outside of the program or outside of the treatment center like in the NA meetings like I made some true connections there. I never knew existed and keep, ya, just really taught me to be a person again to trust.”