Find out more about the forthcoming Hawaii Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament to be held at Keauhou, Kona on July 10 to 12, 2015!

Good news for pickleball lovers! If you want to meet fellow pickleball players, sweat it out and get fit, register now by calling! Who knows? You might bring the cup home!

Hawaii Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament

Hawaii Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament is part of the Aloha State Games this year. This is also a significant event for Pickleball players because 2015 is the inaugural year of this sport. The tournament starts at 8:00 A.M and ends at 7 P.M. It’s free to the public so anyone can

What’s this fuss about pickleball? Here’s our take on it. Pickleball is a very popular game for seniors nowadays especially to those who want to beat boredom, relieve stress and get back in shape again! It is so easy to play the game. You just have to use a hard paddle which looks like badminton and a perforated plastic ball. Just like badminton, you have to serve it in an upward arc, using underhand stroke- that’s below your navel’s level. Move in an upward (skyward) arc from behind the baseline towards your opponent.

Why Pickleball is a must-try game for those who want to master their hand-eye-coordination.

There are two players on opposite sides. You simply start with a warm up or a ding shot by lifting the ball over the net while trying to get in contact (with the ball). It’s not as stressful as badminton because the net is often as low as or lower than the players’ waist.

As you get more comfortable with the game, you get to do the volley or shots where you and your opponent just keep on hitting the ball in the air. Next is the high ground stroke where you move backward a little bit and hit the ball higher-like the way you do in tennis, only slower. The game could go on and on and before you knew it, you’re hooked. No wonder why many seniors go back to school, not for higher degrees but for pickle ball classes.

How do you earn points? If you fail to hit the ball or you hit it but it bounds or if you fail to return it, the server gets the score. If you step into the kitchen or the non-volley zone (within 7 feet from the net) your opponent also gets a score. And, anyone who leads by two points after scoring at least 11 points wins. Tournament games have other rules and that’s what you have to find out at the Kona.

Date: July 10-12, 2015
Event: Hawaii Senior Olympics Pickleball Tournament Time: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
Venue: Holua Tennis and Pickleball Center.
Fee: Free to the public. 
Contact details: (Call) 808 634-4049,Email: ; Website:

Hawaii Island Recovery

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