Hawaii Island Recovery was truly a gift from God.  Not only did I become sober, but I also became healthy and motivated to live life to the fullest!  Kevin, my intake specialist, provided me with all of the information I needed to travel from Maryland to the Big Island with ease.  

Nurse Kelly was always attentive and patient with me, as I needed extensive medical care.  Her kind words, and expert advice allowed me to become strong physically and emotionally. 

The RAs were amazing, especially Nick, Mike and Tyler!  They treated me with respect and were always there to lend guidance and support, and boy did I need it! 

Nicole offered the “girl talk” that I missed being away from home. Chef always had wonderful meals and prepared entrées specifically for my dietary needs.  His food literally saved my life! 

Alyssa made yoga approachable and enjoyable. Dr. Dan’s acupuncture always left me feeing mentally and spiritually rejuvenated. Dr. Dan’s a cool dude! 

I will never forget Ms. Hanna, the best masseuse on the Island! Her hands are magical and her passion is evident.  I LOVE HANNAH!!  The clinical therapists were truly amazing. 

Therapist “Z” and Fernando guided us in the best group therapy sessions which provided me with strategies to keep my sanity, which was not an easy feat.  I’m sure if you google the word Zen, David, M’s picture will appear!   His meditation practices are phenomenal, and I still use his techniques to help me navigate through this thing called life. 

The excursions that were led by Eliza and Damian provided opportunities for us to reflect, grow and blossom.  The accommodations were excellent and I am not easily impressed. The facility was conducive to healing, and was truly life changing.  

I spent many days sitting on the lanai watching the sunset while journaling and praying.  Overseeing all of this is one of the most competent and caring men I’ve ever met.  I can still hear Jimmy telling me to “move my feet” and continue to enjoy the journey of progression.    

The outpatient program is proving valuable. Being able to receive therapy at home is exactly what I need to continue to heal.   I arrived at HIR broken, desperate and addicted, and I left equipped with the tools to continue my new life of discovery!”

Dramine C.