Although we must wait for “official results,” our CARF surveyor was extremely positive.

Hawaii Island Recovery is committed to enhancing performance, managing risk and distinguishing ourselves from competing organizations. CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) applies a rigorous set of internationally recognized organization and program standards during its on-site survey.  Insurers and other third-party payers see CARF accredited programs as a better risk. Many insurers will not cover services unless the program is CARF accredited. Although we must wait for “official results,” our CARF surveyor was extremely positive. Two of the most important strengths that she will write in her report are:

  • “Hawaii Island Recovery is small, individualized, and non-bureaucratic, allowing ample flexibility to meet individualized needs, which is something that both referral sources and clients commented on,”
  • “Hawaii Island Recovery has amazing effectiveness outcomes,
    especially given that a high percent of clients have not succeeded via past treatment attempts elsewhere…”


Ingrid Kastens MSW said that in her report to CARF, she will
be giving us the following Commendation: 


“Hawaii Island Recovery

should be commended for its unique dolphin assisted therapy,

a powerful experiential therapy impacting body, mind and spirit.”


When our results become official, we will proudly display CARF emblems on
this website.  If you have insurance that prefers or requires CARF accreditation, we will be able to accept it and welcome you into our program.

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