Adapting to everyday life after retiring from the military can be difficult for veterans. Fortunately, veteran-specific treatment is available to help veterans better adjust to civilian life. Residential treatment transforms lives in a myriad of ways, from helping veterans recover from addiction to providing structure and certainty amidst day-to-day chaos. Thus, if you or a loved one is a veteran seeking addiction or mental health care, understanding the value of residential treatment specifically can be beneficial.

Understanding Different Ways Residential Treatment Transforms Lives

Residential treatment facilities can help individuals address a number of issues. Some residential treatment facilities can help manage or treat various mental health concerns. It is important that if you are struggling with a mental health concern, you are aware you have options. As a veteran, you could benefit from residential treatment as it can give you the opportunity to learn how to manage your mental health with the help of professional guidance and peer support.

Holistic care at Hawaii Island Recovery

One benefit of residential treatment includes the added structure to your day. The added structure to your day can later be taken into your life outside of treatment. Residential treatment programs often include a number of therapies that can help foster skill-building, emotion management, and other strategies that will help you better transition to and engage with civilian life. 

Recovering From Trauma

Therapy can benefit most people during transitional periods and other difficult times in their lives. Furthermore, we know therapy can especially be helpful in healing from trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects millions or about every 6 out of 100 people in their lifetime. Receiving treatment for trauma could seem daunting. It may even like it would be best to just avoid your trauma completely. Although potentially scary, residential treatment can be a safe space for you to heal. Talking about traumatic experiences can help you to learn how to cope in healthier ways. Moreover, working on trauma can also reduce trauma responses to triggers over time. 

Residential treatment can be a tool for many people to assist in adjusting to new life situations. Whether that means learning new coping skills or finding new ways to interact with other people, residential treatment may be an option to consider. We know that we are not always able to predict everything that’s going to come our way. Unexpected challenges are likely to come up in our lives. With that knowledge, seeking residential treatment could be a great option if something unexpected or difficult has occurred. Although at times it may feel that you have to handle challenges alone, there is no shame in seeking out or accepting help. You do not have to cope with difficult circumstances alone. 

Transforming the Lives of Veterans At Hawaii Island Recovery

Hawaii Island Recovery is known best for treating addiction, but it’s essential for us to inform you that our residential treatment could be an option for veterans too. Residential treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery can be helpful to veterans with or without a PTSD diagnosis. Our residential treatment specifically can offer many benefits including daily structure. Having daily structure in place can be helpful to individuals who struggle after retirement. Your typical week in residential treatment with us can include a variety of services such as: 

These services can help veterans gain the necessary tools needed to live life among civilians. We understand change can be difficult and retiring from the military can feel shocking. Living one way for an extended amount of time and then changing into a new routine can be a big challenge for veterans. From living a rigid schedule to the potential trauma experienced in the military, we want to be an option for veterans seeking help after retirement. 

Am I Ready for Residential Treatment?
Am I Ready for Residential Treatment?

Knowing if you are ready for residential alcohol treatment or drug treatment is the first step in healing. Call us at (866) 390-5070 to learn more today.

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Some other examples of how residential treatment transforms the lives of veterans can include addressing mental health concerns. We are able to utilize both evidence-based clinical treatment and experiential programming in your treatment plan to aid in healing. Many veterans may also worry they can not connect well with civilians after retiring from the military. Residential treatment could be a good option when needing to work on adapting to a new lifestyle.

Creating a Community of Peers for Veterans

Veterans in residential treatment can also receive assistance in a safe space with a low patient-to-client ratio. Living in a safe space can also allow veterans to find and discover new interests. Life after the military can be a big adjustment. Some veterans may struggle to find purpose or even just to find enjoyable activities. Residential treatment can be a great space to discover new ways of interacting in the world. Having interests and feeling purpose is important to our mental health. We hope if you or someone you know is struggling with life as a veteran, you will consider residential treatment. 

Residential treatment can transform lives. We offer many different treatment approaches and individualized treatment plans to individuals who need help healing. Residential treatment offers a structured way of living and learning. This allows for up to 8 individuals to receive treatment at once. Veterans may find that residential treatment is a great option for a variety of reasons. It is not uncommon for veterans to struggle with life after retiring from the military. We believe residential treatment could be beneficial in helping these individuals find new ways to experience life and interact in the world. Please call (866) 390-5070 today if you or someone you know needs more information on how we can help veterans with residential treatment.