By the grace of God and the help I received at Hawaii Island Recovery, I now have a life beyond what I thought was possible. I had been to so many treatment centers but, I continued to struggle and progressively get sicker. I picked up the phone in desperation and spoke with the admissions director, I knew from that moment that I was in good hands, and this time was different. HIR, being a small center with its one on one approach, was exactly what I needed.  They were able to help and treat me as an individual.  God willing I will celebrate two years on Tuesday and I can’t thank my HIR family enough, for giving me the tools to live and, not just exist. In the words of Jimmy, I was entering the world of discovery and not recovery. This has been my experience. I especially want to thank Nicole, Kevin, and Michael for walking the walk and being examples of how We can recover/discover.

Aloha, Alicia