Staying on-track in rehab might seem difficult at times but follow these 10 tips to increase motivation while going through a treatment program.

When you first arrive at rehab, working to increase motivation might likely be the last thing on your mind. Working through the
first days and weeks of sobriety is a challenge. You’ve spent much of your time getting drinking or using and finding healthy ways to spend your newfound free time can be difficult.

If you want to stay clean and sober for the long term, though, start working on yourself as soon as possible. Sitting around and not doing anything to keep yourself occupied is a fast track to relapse. Instead, start thinking of ways to increase motivation and stay inspired in this new way of life. The following 10 tips might help you find a place to start off.
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1. Dedicate yourself to your rehab program to increase motivation.

You might feel tempted to slack off while you stay in rehab. It’s
easy to sit in the back in the group and avoid participating. Maybe you believe you don’t need to be in rehab. But you’re there for a reason and you might as well try to get the most out of it. Dedicating yourself entirely to your rehab program is the first step to increase motivation.

2. Write down the story of your last time drinking or using drugs.

Writing down what happened the last time you drank or used drugs can help
increase motivation to stay in your program. It’s easy to quickly
forget how you ended up where you are. If you write down your story, though, you’ll have a hard copy of your story to remind you of why you found yourself on this new path.

Write down the story

3. Write out a list of three months, six month, nine month, and one-year goals for yourself.

One of the best ways to increase motivation is to write down
your goals
. You might find it challenging to think too far ahead. If you spend some time writing a list of long-term goals, it helps you consider where you want to be. Try writing three goals you want to accomplish in three months, three goals for six months, and three for nine months. Then write down where you want to see yourself a year from now.

4. Spend your time with people who are on the same path as you are.

It’s commonly said that you act like a combination of your five closest friends. Stick close to people who follow the same path as you. If
you feel like you aren’t on a good path, find people challenging themselves to be better. Surrounding yourself with positive people will work wonders on your attitude and absolutely increase motivation.

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5. Find some new hobbies or rediscover ones you used to love.

You realize how much time you used to waste once you get sober. Spend some time discovering new hobbies you always wanted to try. Getting back into activities you used to love doing is another way to fill your time with constructive actions.

6. Increase motivation by finding some good inspirational books to read.

There are thousands of inspirational books by hundreds of authors. Whether you prefer success stories, entrepreneurial stories, self-help, or spiritual books, reading will increase motivation. The staff members at your rehab will be more than willing to provide suggestions.

Read books to find motivation

7. Stay in touch with your loved ones.

When you stay in touch with your loved ones it provides another reminder of why you’re on this new path. Talking with the people you love on a regular basis can increase motivation to stay in your program, work hard, and come back home to them. They will appreciate hearing from you and finding out about your progress in your program.

8. Start exercising regularly.

Exercise might seem difficult to start but can make a massive difference in your mood and motivation. When you get your body moving, your brain releases chemicals that help you feel better. There are dozens of different ways to exercise. Go for a walk, run around the block, lift weights in the gym, or sign up for a club sports


9. Participate in a 12-step program.

12-step programs help millions of recovering addicts and alcoholics get and stay clean and sober. They offer a new way to live your life and support from people who understand where you come from. If you remain open-minded, you might find more than you expect from at 12-step program.

10. Develop a plan for yourself to follow once you leave rehab.

The most important way to increase motivation and stay clean and sober is
to develop a plan. If you leave rehab without an idea of what you plan to
do next, you are more at risk for a relapse. Instead, work with your case
manager or counselor to come up with actionable steps to take once you leave rehab. Commit to yourself to stick to your plan and you have a better
chance of staying clean and sober!

Finding a Treatment Program

First, decide whether you need to attend a medical detox facility. If you’ve drunk and used drugs for years, a stay in medical detox to get through withdrawals may be necessary. After
detox, inpatient rehab provides a place for you to learn how to adjust to
living without drugs and alcohol.

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