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Hawaii Island Recovery remains open for those in need of substance abuse treatment. We are continuing to employ all measures to ensure the continued health and safety of our
patients and staff. Our patients who struggle with addictions need our compassion and support now more than ever. Our team remains proactive in the implementation of precautionary measures that will minimize risks. These include the following:

  • Our admission team have put in place extra screening measures for individuals coming into our facility.
  • We have a screening of our staff to ensure they are safe and remain active for those we are charged with caring for.
  • CDC informational posters are on display to provide essential reminders on proper infection prevention procedures.
  • All staff who return from traveling outside of Hawaii will have a two-week home quarantine before returning to work.
  • Our cleaning staff continues using hospital-grade disinfectants, EPA approved to kill 99.9999% of germs, bacteria viruses, and spore-formers, including the coronavirus.
  • Our medical director provides ongoing prevention and education in-services for staff and patients.
  • Patients ate monitored daily by our RN, and resident managers are supported on how to accurately monitor patients for any signs
    or symptoms on every shift.
  • We are suspending family visits/outside visitors/tours
    of the facility.
  • We have stopped all activities that would have put our patients in contact with individuals outside our facility while increasing addiction services and the frequency of getting our clients into nature and using the beautiful surroundings that Hawaii offers.

During this uncertain time, please be assured that Hawaii Island Recovery has an incredible, dedicated staff who go above and beyond in treating those in our program with care and compassion while ensuring their safety. This is our primary mission and our passion.

Coronovirus Will Not Stop Your Addiction,

But We Can!