On October 14, 2016, HIR’s therapist, Zahava Zaidoff, CSAC, taught Non-Violent Communication to our staff.  She discussed how staff can calmly prevent clients from moving into personal crises, the importance of being respectful of clients, having relationships and conversations that are supportive, which medical conditions can affect or cause negative moods and behaviors, how to use alternative interventions such as sports, music, hobbies, animal therapy, etc., to help prevent clients from going into crisis.
Zahava, or Z as she likes to be called, has worked with addicted folks and their families as a therapist and a case manager.  She has counseled in the home, at treatment centers and facilities.  She has taught and coached social skills, codependency recovery, and illness management recovery.  She also currently teaches for an organization that
helps people recognize symptoms of mental health problems and guides that
person towards getting appropriate professional help.