You’ve admitted you have an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or unhealthy behavior. You’ve picked up the phone and called a rehab center. Now, it’s time to prepare for your stay in drug rehab. Where should you begin?

Check out these ten ways you can both take care of business and prepare your heart and mind for the journey ahead.

Taking Care of Business Before Entering Rehab

There will be some logistical details you’ll need to take care of before traveling to Hawaii for your stay in rehab. By taking care of business now, you’ll set yourself up for fewer distractions during your stay and prepare for a smoother transition home upon completion of the

  1. Tell your boss You may be surprised to learn that your job is legally protected during your absence. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, you are provided up to 12 weeks of medical leave. Because addiction legally qualifies as a disability, you cannot lose your job for seeking substance abuse treatment. Don’t take advantage of your boss or coworkers, however. Show your boss how you will prepare your team and/or clients for your absence, then follow through on those plans.
  2. Take a break from school If you’re taking college courses, now is a good time to take a semester off from your studies. Balancing coursework and addiction recovery
    will only prevent you from giving either priority the attention it demands. Take time now to get healthy, then start the next semester of school healthy, sober, and ready for success.
  3. Speak with your attorney If you’ve had any legal troubles that will require you to appear in court, speak with your attorney about your travel plans. He or she will let you know whether you need to notify the courts or have someone appear on your behalf while you are gone.
  4. Find a caregiver for your children, elderly parents, and pets Although it may be tempting to feel guilty over leaving loved ones behind, remember that this is a temporary arrangement. Rehab will provide you with the tools you need to provide even better care to loved ones in the future. Explain to your children where you’re going, and allow them to ask questions. Set realistic expectations for how often they can expect to hear from you.
  5. Make sure your bills will be paid on time Set up automatic payments or find someone you can trust to ensure all your bills are paid. This will minimize distractions during your stay in rehab, while also ensuring you don’t return home to late payment fees, disconnected utilities, or an eviction notice.
  6. Pack for your stay In addition to clothes and toiletries, you may want to bring a journal and pictures of loved ones. Remember to bring insurance cards, identification, medical records, and prescription medications in their original bottles. You’ll have the opportunity to go on a variety of excursions at HIR, so make sure to bring a swimsuit and comfortable clothes for those adventures. In general, focus on the essentials when packing and leave behind anything that will cause unnecessary distractions.
Preparing to Rejoin the Workforce After Rehab in Hawaii
Preparing to Rejoin the Workforce After Rehab in Hawaii

Rejoining the workforce in one’s newfound sobriety comes with many hurdles, but it is possible. Learn more by calling Hawaii Island at (866) 390-5070.

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Preparing Mentally and Emotionally for Rehab

While checking off the detailed items on your to-do list, be sure to set aside time to prepare mentally and emotionally for your stay in rehab. The four items in this section are designed to prepare your heart and mind for the journey ahead.

  1. Spend time with loved ones Don’t be ashamed to tell those close to you where you’ll be going. You’ll likely experience a wide range of emotions before leaving for rehab, and loved ones can support you as the day draws near. Strengthening connections with the friends and family who will support your sobriety also prepares you for a successful transition back home.
  2. Start a journal A journal can be a very helpful tool for processing your thoughts and emotions throughout rehab, and it’s not too soon to start this healthy practice. As an added bonus, your journal will serve as a personal record of all you’ve learned and experienced throughout this journey, and you may enjoy referencing it in the months and years ahead.
  3. Enjoy the comforts of home Look for ways to relax without turning to drugs and alcohol. Take a bubble bath. Eat at your favorite restaurant. Watch a funny movie with your kids. Relaxing activities can help take your mind off of the unknowns of the future and will help you manage any stress you’re feeling.
  4. Come with an open mind Rehab requires you to try new things, trust other people, and speak honestly about your thoughts and experiences. Both individual and group therapy sessions will be more successful if you arrive ready to embrace these new experiences. Before you leave home, you may try yoga or massage to help clear your mind and prepare for the journey ahead.

 Taking the First Step

Before you begin checking off items from this list and preparing for your stay in rehab, take your first step towards recovery by contacting us today. Call us at 866-491-8009 or contact us today. We are here for you!