Learn the two proven and powerful strategies to keep fear of withdrawal from drug addiction.

It feels impossible to succeed when fear always stops you on track so do yourself a favor by following these simple steps that can help you overcome the fear of withdrawal.

Overcome Fear of Withdrawal

Withdrawal is a scary experience for drug addicts because their body has been used to drugs and withdrawing from it can cause physical and psychological symptoms that can be very painful. But, withdrawal is a phase you have to go through and many former addicts came out clean after successfully battling with addiction. Here are practical strategies that former drug addicts used to overcome their fear of withdrawal and ultimately live a life away from drug use.

Ryan focused on the first step and he got clean for good!

Ryan Donnelly talks about his being scared to death of withdrawal that he even planned of committing suicide. Now he has successfully come out of drug addiction and he has been sober for five years.

Ryan says that fear can be a very good motivating factor because fear has a power of its own. He says that while withdrawal hurts, former drug addicts who have been through the withdrawal pains overcame it successfully. He further pointed out that no one is special or magnificent enough to beat fear. These people just prospered because they believe in themselves and they refuse to settle to being ordinary because things change when you finally get fed up and you decide to face that fear of withdrawal.

Withdrawal is not something you may want to face

Withdrawal is not something you may want to face because there is an inner struggle that you cannot do it. But you have to fight the fears in your mind. With small baby steps, you’ll realize that you’re finally through withdrawal. Weigh the risks of addiction and withdrawal. Then you’ll realize that it’s not withdrawal that you should really be afraid about, but the drug addiction itself because it takes huge control of your life, that everything in you revolves around it.

What happens when you conquer your own thoughts? Ryan used to be afraid of quitting drugs because the idea of living without it and going through the withdrawal phase terrifies him. But one day he has decided to give it a try. He stopped using drugs for the very first time and he was determined to quit. It was not an easy process, but the first step is all you need to get started. Now, Ryan is speaking before former addicts and posting videos on YouTube encouraging former drug addicts to conquer the voice of fear in their heads and make that decision to quit drugs.

Now the question is, “Do you stop being afraid?” Fear is a response and you don’t stop being fearful just because you were able to face it the first time. But the fact that you did can encourage you to move forward and enjoy life despite your fears. Ryan gathered the courage to quit and started his road to recovery. He didn’t stop there. He mastered the fear by coming out clean from drugs and by continuously inspiring drug addicts that they too, can live a life without drugs.

When you face your fears, you’re not only removing a big stumbling block in front of you. You are also preparing yourself to do the things that you are capable of doing, which you usually don’t do because of fear. If you’re a drug addict and you want to quit, but you’re scared of what will happen during the withdrawal phase, all you need is few seconds of courage and you’ll realize that it’s over. And when it is, you’ll congratulate yourself that you finally did it.

Find the right treatment program

Who cares about the worst-case scenario? Move forward and deal with it later. Sure, facing negative outcomes as a result of few seconds of courage may not be easy, but you can work your way to move beyond it. If you’re in the right treatment program, there are people who will make sure that you are physically safe. There are medical professionals who will monitor you for any untoward symptoms that may require immediate medical attention. Psychologists and addiction counselors shall also ensure that your emotional burden slowly lifts up. Bria was a Xanax addict for 22 years until she met these creatures

Bria, the residential manager of Hawaii Island Recovery has been a drug addict for 22 years. She said that everything she does was all about getting fixed and that using drugs was a part of her. She said that she was running away from bad childhood memories that she tried to numb her consciousness so she won’t feel the pain by using drugs.

Bria has been to so many treatment programs that required her to go through detox. And every time she would feel the symptoms of withdrawal she would run. Then she came across Hawaii Island Recovery and she gave it a try. During her early period at HIR, she was angry, and there were times that she would scream and take it out on people around her. But the love and acceptance she received from people at HIR supported her throughout her recovery.

One thing that captured her attention was the fact that she would be swimming with dolphins as part of the treatment program. Bria claimed that it has been a wonderful and emotional experience for her to have an interaction with dolphins. HIR has also given her suitable treatment programs and helped her to be able to see life again as a child and to accept the love of the people working at HIR.

It is one thing to fear withdrawal and another thing to live in that fear and refuses to move on

In Bria’s case, she was always looking for ways to quit using drugs, although lots of her attempts have been in vain. She would attend treatment but after a few weeks or days, she would go back to drug use. However, her failures did not stop her from looking for a solution. She searched the internet, saw a facility (Hawaii Island Recovery) and hoped that its program, especially the dolphin-assisted psychotherapy will work for her. And it did!

Bria’s never-give-up attitude prompted her to enroll in the program. She didn’t go home even when she was struggling with withdrawal. She believed in the treatment staff at HIR and wholeheartedly accepted their love and support so she can go on with her recovery. She worked on the treatment program. At present, Bria is working at the Hawaii Island Recovery so she can offer encouragement and inspiration to people who are also struggling with addiction.

If your former programs don’t work, don’t stop looking for a facility that can give you the best treatment program designed specifically to match your recovery needs. Hawaii Island Recovery offers an individually-tailored treatment program to help you deal with your addiction and support you all throughout the withdrawal phase.

Depending on your needs, you can avail of our medical and psychological services, psycho-educational and psychiatric services, as well as holistic services.

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