When you are looking for substance abuse and addiction treatment for you or a loved one, there are numerous options you can pursue. No matter the treatment program, psychotherapy (also known as talk therapy, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy) is an invaluable tool to help those addicted get sober. While you may have heard about psychotherapy, you may wonder what is psychotherapy and what benefits is does this therapy provides. This article will give you more insight into this valuable therapy.

What is psychotherapy?

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Psychotherapy is known as a “talking treatment” and is different from more common medication-based therapies. With psychotherapy methods such and individual and group psychotherapy, trained therapists help clients uncover patterns of thought that keep them stuck in their addiction. The client and therapist collaborate in coming up with ways they can change those thought patterns into more healthy and constructive patterns. This effective talk therapy method involves both one-on-one or group counseling sessions that aim to detect and change self-destructive patterns of thinking and behavior. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one type of talk therapy that can prove useful for evolving disturbing thought and behavior patterns.

Psychotherapy For The One You Love: An Essential
Key To Recovery

What is Psychotherapy

No one wants to have to make the choice between what Substance Abuse or Addiction Treatment Program to send their loved one to. You know that there is a serious issue, but you want them to feel comfortable so that they can have the best possible chance for long-lasting recovery. An integral tool in the process to lead those addicted to a life of sobriety are therapy sessions. Some patients are suffering with dual diagnoses: both addiction and from mental illnesses and mood disorders; Psychotherapy is the answer.

Some of these that can be treated with Psychotherapy are:
Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Eating Disorders and more. Mental health professionals use a variety of types of therapies. The one that is super essential and leads to limitless benefits for all patients is Psychotherapy.

Why is Psychotherapy Part of the Solution?

Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy that is facilitated by mental health professionals in a group setting or one-on-one. This is so much different than just taking medicine. Psychotherapy includes having the patient recognize negative thought patterns that lead to addictive thoughts. Through intimate relationships between therapist, patient, and the group, they communicate and work together to find ways to change thought patterns. Patients tend to feel trapped in their mind and Psychotherapy provides the key and the patient learns to cope with their self-destructive thoughts instead of giving in to them.

Alongside Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is helpful in the process as well. This is another type of talk therapy that gets patients to recognize their thought patterns in relation to their behaviors so they can find solutions to change their behaviors that they can be put into action.

Benefits of Psychotherapy:

There are so many benefits that speak to the effectiveness of Psychotherapy and CBT and Hawaii Island Recovery makes sure to get the most out of it so they can help the patient. Here are some of the benefits:

  • No Judgement Zone:

Drug addicts and alcoholics focus on their similarities instead of their differences in Psychotherapy group sessions. This creates a foundation of trust and creates close relationships that help the patient work through their emotions and disturbances. They realize they are not the only ones suffering from addiction and they are not the only ones who have a mental or mood disorder.

  • Coping Skills

One of the most significant benefits of Psychotherapy is how coping skills are integrated into the addict’s life. Everyone needs coping skills in their life to deal with stress and some even have to cope with trauma. Drug addicts and alcoholics in particular have a really difficult time coping that it stalls their lives. Psychotherapy provides patients with the environment to find what coping skills would be best applied in their lives.

  • Self Reliance and Empowerment

The end goal of Psychotherapy is for the addict or alcoholic to become self-empowered so they can live independently. It is time for them to learn how to control themselves and use their coping skills in real-life situations so they can thrive and choose their own destiny.

  • Preventing Relapse:

Relapse is very common in the world of recovery. Relapse is a part of many stories of alcoholics and addicts, but it definitely does not have to be. The coping skills and linking of self-destructive thoughts and behavior through CBT is vital; the therapy sessions give an addict and someone with mental illness the best chance at avoiding relapse.

  • How The Loved One Can Be Supportive

The knowledge of how to be supportive in this process is essential to your loved one’s recovery. Being by their side no matter what is what leads to their success. Hawaii Island Recovery provides Psychotherapy by mental health professionals because we understand its key element in the recovery process. Located in Kailua Kona, Hawaii we innovatively treat addiction with first-rate types of Psychotherapy in a calm and pleasant environment. Hawaii Island Recovery will provide the necessary therapy sessions to recover from substance abuse.

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