You take a ride out on your boat and enter a world of peace, quiet, and tranquility as drift further off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.

You leave the world behind, along with all of your addiction troubles. The sunshine and water relieves pain, and the sensation of sailing is relaxing, beautiful, healing.

Then, off in the distance through the crystal clear water, you see them. Wild dolphins coming toward you for a visit. These gentle creatures seem to share a mystical bond with humans. They’re highly intelligent, intuitive, and they seem to recognize the help they provide individuals managing an addiction disorder.

Wild Dolphin Assisted Therapy (WDAT)

While it may seem an unorthodox treatment for substance abuse problems, those managing an addiction disorder who share an experience with the dolphins are adamant about just how effective this treatment is in curbing cravings. The peaceful tranquility atop the waves is soothing to mind and spirit.

However, marine biologists are quick to point out that dolphins are nocturnal feeders, resting in the shallow bays along the Hawaiian coastline during the day. Being among dolphins during daylight hours may disrupt the rest and sleep patterns of these marvelous creatures, perhaps even harming their health.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, “From 2010 to 2013, for example, dolphins were chronically and repeatedly exposed to human activities” more than 82% of the time. Potentially harming the health and well-being of these creatures.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a federal government program, suggests that “disturbing the animals in their nearshore habitat could force dolphins into less favorable locations, putting them at risk of attack by sharks and other predators of the deep.”

In response, NOAA has suggested regulations that protect shoreline dolphins including:

  • restricting times to accommodate dolphins natural sleep and rest cycles.
  • creating distance restrictions of within 50 yards;
  • closing certain shallow bays during the dolphin’s rest periods;
  • tracking the health of the larger population of at-risk dolphins.

At Hawaii Island Recovery, we believe in the sanctity of all life.

Some tour operators and other dolphin-engagement businesses voluntarily adhere to the latest NOAA guidelines for swimming with dolphins. HIR respects these conditions and organizes experiences with dolphins that respect the natural activities of these gentle, intelligent animals.

The residents at Hawaiian Island Recovery respect all life and we follow best practices according to the experts. Indeed, being among wild dolphins delivers therapeutic benefits, but we honor and respect our dolphin friends.

At Hawaiian Island Recovery, dolphins swim in open water. They aren’t kept in a tank for the amusement of tourists. The dolphins that HIR engages are used to a human presence, and it appears that these mammals enjoy interacting with humans.

Dolphins are wild but gentle. Their intelligence draws them closer to humans, and these creatures seem to have an instinctive understanding that HIR residents are there to enjoy a spiritual, enlightening experience.

The humans are their guests and we treat them accordingly – as the helpful hosts they are. Our residents are taught how to experience and appreciate these gentle giants, delivering therapeutic benefits that last a lifetime.

HIR animal-assisted psychotherapist, Eliza Wille stated, “ really quite miraculous effects for our clients; some of the feedback includes feelings of joy, calm and serenity.”

Addiction is a Complex Condition.

Addiction affects all aspects of life. Left untreated, addiction will consume more and more time, money, and effort to stay “normal” and fend off the cravings caused by addiction to a drug or unhealthy behavior like an eating disorder or a gambling problem.

HIR Director, Dr. James Kayihura., points out that addiction affects health, happiness, and the capacity to live a rich, satisfying life. At HIR, addiction is treated as “an affliction affecting body, mind, and spirit.”

To achieve a full, enduring recovery, all manifestations of addictive behavior require attention. The Experiential Cultural Programming and holistic treatments offered by Hawaiian Island Recovery inspire our residents. They stretch, soothe and restore residents to a natural state of well-being, without the need for dangerous, harmful drugs and behaviors.

HIR and Wild Dolphin Assisted Therapy

The experimental therapies offered by HIR inspire insight into the beauty of life all around us. Many individuals managing an addiction disorder no longer see the wonder that surrounds them. They’ve lived in a drug-induced haze for so long that life is no longer beautiful. It’s a struggle.

Wild dolphin-assisted therapy (Ocean-based Treatment) will transform you, and put you back in touch with the beauty and awe-inspiring wonder of the world in which we live.

Hawaiian Island Recovery offers 24-hour confidential in-take so, when you’re ready to regain control of your life, we’re here to help you reach your personal goals with a variety of therapies to treat addicts and bring back the joy of life.

Please call HIR for a free, initial consultation, and to book a stay at HIR. We look forward to introducing you to wild dolphin-assisted therapy(Ocean-based Treatment) – a life-altering experience that will change your views in profound ways.