Overcoming trauma, mental health disorders, substance use, and addiction is incredibly difficult, with each journey to a healthy sobriety filled with unforeseen obstacles and personal challenges. For veterans of the armed forces, this journey can be even more complicated as veterans navigate the issues and complications of not just meant health disorders but also flashbacks, PTSD, guilt, and transition stress as they shift from military culture back into civilian life. Hawaii Island Recovery’s drug and alcohol inpatient treatment centers may be necessary to truly overcome these challenges, with veterans being able to benefit from residential treatment in several unique ways. 

Understanding Residential Treatment

Residential treatment can be an intimidating prospect for many veterans, and it is common to have some reservations about the program. Knowing what to expect from each veteran’s time in residential treatment can help deconstruct some of these uncertainties and barriers, empowering each veteran to set appropriate expectations of themselves and the program for effective healing. 

To best benefit from residential treatment, veterans will need to approach the program with an open mind. Veterans in residential treatment will live on-site at Hawaii Island Recovery’s residential facility with constant medical supervision and emotional support available. These stays can last anywhere from 30 days to over 90 days, depending on each veteran’s needs, goals, progress, and other factors. 

During this time, days will be highly structured to focus not just on therapeutic modalities and experiences but also on ensuring that there is sufficient time for self-care, rest, and comfort to prepare veterans for the hard work of overcoming complex challenges like addiction, trauma, guilt, and more. However, veterans will still have the opportunity to personalize their programs and time in treatment, exploring various therapeutic modalities, strategies, and options to find what best works for them. 

Prescription Drug Addiction Among Veterans
Prescription Drug Addiction Among Veterans

The use of prescription drugs among veterans is common. From proven substance use treatment practices to community engagement and spiritual healing, we offer a comprehensive approach to a transformed and sober future for veterans of the armed forces. For more information on how we can personalize a treatment plan for you, call us today at (866) 390-5070.

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How Veterans Can Benefit From Residential Treatment

Many veterans who may be considering residential treatment may still be unsure of how it will look when they enter a treatment facility. Talking with the professionals at Hawaii Island Recovery can inform each veteran about the benefits of residential treatment and explore how it can address their unique journey with drugs, alcohol, trauma, PTSD, and much more. 

Navigating Transition Stress and Culture Shock

Many veterans returning home from active duty are met with a huge culture change, making it difficult to assimilate effectively into daily civilian life. Even with effective support systems and understanding family members, many veterans can still feel isolated during their transition from military to civilian life. Residential treatment can empower veterans to tackle personal challenges while also exploring these changes in culture in a safe and recovery-curated environment, practicing dedicated coping strategies while acclimating to new cultures, ideas, and perspectives that will be prevalent across civilian life. 

Using Peers to Benefit From Residential Treatment

Nobody understands the challenges and stresses of military and veteran life better than fellow veterans. Hawaii Island Recovery’s dedicated veteran programming ensures that veterans can benefit from residential treatment by living with other veterans who truly understand these challenges and are working toward creating effective strategies to overcome them. Having supporting and sympathetic peers can make it easier to engage in effective treatment, commit to change, find motivation, explore new ideas and strategies, and build a culture of support and unity in overcoming substance use, trauma, mental health disorders, and much more. 

Leaning Into Supervision and Support

Having access to professional supervision and medical support at all hours of the day can be instrumental. Overcoming trauma and addiction is exceptionally difficult, with withdrawal, cravings, panic, anxiety, depression, and more all being common. On-site medical professionals and mental health support staff can help veterans practice strategies to address needs as well as provide emotional support while navigating panic attacks flashbacks, nightmares, cravings, and other challenges while developing the pertinent skills. 

Likewise, on-site medical professionals can also empower veterans to explore medication-assisted treatment (MAT) where necessary and adjust these medications to best address the needs and goals of treatment for veterans.

Managing a Dual Diagnosis With Veteran Specific Programs
Managing a Dual Diagnosis With Veteran Specific Programs

Dual diagnosis presents a unique challenge for veterans pursuing a healthy and fulfilling sober life. For more information on how we can personalize a treatment plan for you, or to speak to a staff member about your needs, call us at (866) 390-5070.

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Exploring an Array of Strategies

Time in residential treatment is highly structured. However, this is to empower veterans to explore a wide array of potential therapies, coping strategies, self-care outlets, and much more. Living in a culture of healing and being open to exploring new experiences and modalities each day is powerful. Hawaii Island Recovery offers strategies that address not just addiction and mental health disorders but also address social needs and engage in effective spiritual healing following each veteran’s time in service. 

Exploring varied strategies and new techniques and experiences empowers veterans to create their best set of skills for life outside of a treatment facility, with each veteran continuing to benefit from residential treatment by creating a schedule with only the most effective practices for their unique situation. 

Veterans can benefit from residential treatment in many ways. However, the only way to know if it is the right fit for each individual is to talk to the professionals about each person’s needs and goals. Hawaii Island Recovery is always one call away and is available to help each veteran explore how they would benefit from residential treatment, or help find a place that can best tend to the needs of each person in the best way.

It can be difficult to commit to residential treatment, and knowing what to expect can help you make the most of your time in residential care as a veteran. At Hawaii Island Recovery’s dedicated drug and alcohol inpatient treatment centers, we are committed to empowering veterans to be the catalyst of their own change, exploring the unique needs and goals of each individual for the most personalized approach to healing. This is all supported by a community of veteran peers and trauma-informed professionals who are ready to address the unique challenges that veterans face throughout their transition to civilian life. It is never too late to pursue a healthy and sober future. Learn how we can help at (866) 390-5070.