About Hawaii Island Recovery

With a maximum of 8 patients, Hawaii Island Recovery is committed to providing patient-centered care. Read more about Hawaii Island Recovery.

Our Philosophy

Hawaii Island Recovery believes that recovery from addiction is possible for every addict and alcoholic. No matter how broken, how many treatment attempts, and how many relapses, the potential to recover from the disease of addiction exists for everyone with the proper support.

Hawaii Island Recovery provides our patients with cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment in an intimate, patient-centered environment that fosters the healing of mind, body, and spirit. With a maximum of 8 patients, Hawaii Island Recovery is committed to creating a safe and supportive atmosphere that recognizes that addiction does not occur in a vacuum and is often an attempt to cope with the effects of untreated trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Our treatment team is trained in the provision of trauma-informed care, and our patients are active participants in creating a treatment plan that addresses their unique needs.

James Kayihura | About Hawaii Island Recovery
James Kayihura | Managing Director

Our Mission

The Mission of Hawaii Island Recovery is to provide patients with the best evidence-based treatments available in a safe, comfortable, culturally competent, and supportive residential environment under the care of a highly trained, dedicated, and professional staff. In addition, Hawaii Island Recovery believes in a workplace that supports the staff’s personal and professional growth and promotes the growth and success of our company.

About Hawaii Island Recovery