When our clients arrive at Hawaii Island Recovery, they are stepping into a safe oasis of tranquility and healing. We are committed to giving the best evidence-based treatment, holistic and experiential therapies, and a medically supervised detox to support a long-term journey into sobriety and recovery. 

At Hawaii Island Recovery, clients are immediately met with our expert staff to assess what they need. We believe each client is an advocate for their own recovery. Hence, we work together to create a personalized, tailored recovery plan that fits precisely the clients’ needs while also focusing on their well-being. 

Therapeutic Modalities at Hawaii Island Recovery

In our residential treatment center, clients have the opportunity to shift their focus on themselves and understand how to recover with support and a community around them. Our clients get to experience a wide variety of modalities to support them in their treatment and meet their goals. 

These therapeutic modalities include: 

Our Experiential Therapy Modality 

What clients may find unique in their treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery is our adventure therapy or experiential therapy modality. Experiential therapy is a form of group therapy designed to inspire the patient through various activities such as a hike in the rainforest, connecting with Hawaiian culture, snorkeling, or planting trees. 

Experiential therapies allow clients to connect with their surroundings through nature while also using their bodies and minds. This type of immersive therapy creates connection, community, engagement with peers, and the opportunity to reconnect ultimately with yourself. 

Benefits of Experiential Therapy 

There are several benefits to experiential therapy that a client can experience, including: 

  • Connection with peers 
  • Positive feelings of inspiration and upliftment 
  • Emotional processing of past trauma and programming 
  • Ability to express yourself through movement
  • Identify obstacles and how to problem solve 
  • Connect to the present moment 
  • Move through stuck thought patterns or reframe beliefs 
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem 
  • Improved communication 
  • Ability to cope with stress more effectively 

When clients come to Hawaii Island Recovery, they have a variety of experiential therapies to explore, from ocean-based therapy where they can snorkel or wildlife watch at the magical beaches of Hawaii. The opportunities experiential therapy at Hawaii Island Recovery offers are like no other, making for a serene and therapeutic experience. 

Why Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy can be very therapeutic for clients and help them process unresolved issues and complex emotions and confront fears, insecurities, and grief. This unique therapy allows clients to express themselves and share, especially when it can be hard to talk about painful times. 

This therapy can provide a safe space to open up while engaged in an activity such as a hike, connecting with animals, or being near water. 

A Day in the Life at Hawaii Island Recovery

When a client arrives at Hawaii Island Recovery, we work together to create a personalized plan to fit their needs. A typical day for a client starts with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. 

After breakfast, we meet for a practice called “On Awakening Intentions” for a half-hour. Once our intentions are clear and set, we transition into our experiential therapy activity for the first half of the day, including ocean-based therapy, nature walks, or reforestation of native plants. 

After experiential therapy, a healthy lunch is served by our onsite chef. After lunch, clients will participate in acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, or a process group. In the last part of the day, clients have dinner and attend a recovery meeting, be it Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, with a final Tenth Step wrap-up before lights out. 

Clients have the opportunity to explore the Hawaiian culture of Aloha and learn the tools to cultivate and sustain a healthy lifestyle with our holistic mind-body, spirit approach. 

Why Choose Hawaii Island Recovery? 

At Hawaii Island Recovery, we truly believe in creating a tranquil, calm, and safe environment with a trained team of staff readily available to support our clients in their journeys to long-term recovery. 

Many clients enjoy their stay because they see the benefits of the treatment and experience impactful results in their personal well-being and recovery. We are committed to guiding clients to ultimately help themselves, empowering them to transition from addiction and creating a life of freedom and self-reliance. 

See the power of adventure therapy in your clients’ lives by inspiring them to explore activities that will engage their minds and body so they can find freedom, peace from the past, and connection again.  

At Hawaii Island Recovery, we are committed to our client’s recovery and treatment process. With our expert team of professionals, we are well-equipped to support clients in finding themselves, manage and cope with life stress more effectively, and ultimately discover the power of healing. With a high staff-to-patient ratio, we offer individualized care provided by a professional staff in a supervised environment. When you arrive at Hawaii Island Recovery, you are met with the magical energy of the islands, the waters, and the sea life. We provide a space where you can let go of stress and truly focus on your well-being, recovery, and treatment. Consider us your home away from home and rest peacefully knowing we have your best in mind. To learn more about our residential treatment program and how we can help those struggling with addiction, reach out to Hawaii Island Recovery today. Call us at (866) 390-5070.

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