Addiction Therapy

Addiction therapy Hawaii

If you’re struggling with addiction, the uncontrollable, unrelenting desire to use can feel hopeless. Thousands of people are in the same position. The great news is, thanks to years of scientific research, there are diverse, effective methods for overcoming the disease. However, first, you must be willing to go through treatment and attend addiction therapy sessions.

What Is Addiction Therapy?

Because of extensive studies surrounding addiction, we now know the disease is a mental illness. Addiction hijacks the brain’s pleasure centers, which then overpower the area responsible for logical decision-making. The prefrontal cortex controls the pleasure center. Its main purpose is to moderate dopamine flow, however, it’s also responsible for:

  • Impulse control
  • Emotional regulation
  • Self-awareness
  • Empathy
  • Fear modulation

When people have a drug or alcohol addiction, their prefrontal cortex malfunctions. Therefore, they become much different than who they were when they were sober. This causes a lot of internal shame, guilt, and turmoil. Thus, addiction therapy involves learning effective processes for healing the prefrontal cortex. While there’s no cure, therapy helps prevent relapse, which is conducive to a rewarding lifestyle.

Evidence-Based Addiction Therapy

When you go to treatment, you’re receiving the best therapy possible. Evidence-based treatment methods help these specific parts of the brain heal. One of the most popular forms is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This method helps rewire the neuropathways in your brain by replacing negative thoughts and behaviors with more productive thinking.

Holistic Addiction Therapy

When people hear about holistic therapy, they assume there aren’t studies that prove its effectiveness. However, recent studies show that holistic methods that don’t require traditional medications are actually very beneficial. When you take into account that most people’s triggers include stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, it makes sense why holistic treatment works. The many forms of holistic therapy include Reiki, acupuncture, massage, and yoga.

Acupuncture reduces anxiety and pain. Yoga is also an incredible form of natural healing and meditation is often a part of these sessions. You’ll gain a sense of calm relaxation, and begin regenerating muscles and nerves thanks to these amenities.

Overall, holistic treatment assists with long-term recovery by helping you realize you don’t need medications to live successfully.

Hawaii Island Recovery in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii is an addiction treatment program that helps you overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. Our programs are extremely effective. For example, over 75 percent of our clients achieve a year of sobriety. Typically, people who make it through the first year sober have a much lower chance of relapse. Aside from evidence-based and holistic therapies, we also offer:

Our high-quality treatment has the necessary tools for a life free from addiction. Give us a call today at 866-390-5070 to begin your personal journey to recovery.