Men’s Rehab

A men’s rehab program provides treatments and therapies for men, specifically.

Overall, men and women share similar experiences. However, in addiction rehabilitation, they may have very different outcomes. Hence why gender-specific rehab programs work well. Below are the many benefits men’s rehab provides.

What is Men’s Rehab?

There are rehab centers which only provide co-ed treatment. In these facilities, men and women go through recovery together, interacting in the same group therapy sessions and educational courses. Other treatment centers incorporate separate programs for men and women.

A men’s rehab program provides treatments and therapies for men, specifically. Therefore, these programs are similar to co-ed rehab, but with a slightly different approach including male-only group therapy.

Additionally, men’s rehab programs approach learning differently than their female counterparts. For example, they address reasons why men begin abusing drugs or alcohol. Overall, these motivators may be much different than why women turn to substance abuse.

Furthermore, men’s addiction rehab allows patients to focus completely on treatment. Often, men are less willing to share personal details when women are present. These topics might include past child or sexual abuse, and other sensitive subjects. Fortunately, a gender-specific program allows them to open up and get to the root of their addictive behavior.

Men’s Therapies Cover Different Subjects

Men and women explore different subjects during talk therapy. For example, women may discuss problems which lead to addiction such as eating disorders, low self-esteem, and family and relationship tension. On the other hand, men often discuss aggression problems, social isolation, and withholding emotions.

However, there is overlap between group therapy for men and women. For example, childhood sexual abuse affects everyone equally. While men are more comfortable discussing these subjects among other men, there are societal stigmas hindering their motivation to share as well.

Rehab paves the way to lasting recovery. The process should never be an obstacle to successful sobriety. During a men’s rehab program, program participants are able to solely focus on treatment, not how they appear to others. They’ll also have access to help for the problems affecting them most.

Overall, there are specific triggers unique to men. Fortunately, a men’s drug and alcohol rehab program addresses these. Above all, this lowers relapse potential.

Rehab Treatment Men Need for Lasting Recovery

At Hawaii Island Recovery, men’s rehab provides high-quality drug and alcohol treatment. You’ll begin with medically supervised detox, then transition to a program suitable to your unique needs. These include:

Hawaii Island Recovery upholds a stellar success rate. One year after rehab, 75 percent of the program participants remain sober. We treat all alcohol and drug addictions so you have every opportunity to reach lasting sobriety.

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