I came in a completely hopeless, sick and broken

I really do not know where to begin.

Before I came to Hawaii Island Recovery, I was completely hopeless, sick, broken…and worst of all I felt unworthy of love. I was desperate to overcome my addiction, and I was running out of hope. Quite simply, Hawaii Island Recovery saved my life. The compassionate and experienced staff at HIR showed me patience, and they loved and supported me until I learned to forgive in turn love myself.

I have been to several rehabs before, but I was never
able to experience long-term recovery. That all changed when I went through treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery. When I first came to HIR, the wonderful staff worked with me and designed an individualized treatment program that was a perfect fit for my specific needs and goals. From medical detox and counseling to holistic health, recreational activities, and aftercare programs, Hawaii Island Recovery gave me the tools and support I need to feel confident and empowered to make recovery a reality.

I cannot thank HIR enough! This truly has been a life-altering experience!!!

Clients at Hawaii Island Recovery

Every single staff member went above and beyond

I also cannot say enough about the staff at HIR. Each
staff member not only did their job but went above and beyond. There is something so sacred about this place. The list of things I’ve learned will remain endless, as I will continue to grow with what I have gained from HIR. Coming to the realization that I never have to use again, that I never have to go back to that dark place was a true epiphany for me.
It sounds so simple and logical, but I truly felt I did not deserve love,
sobriety, or life.

I have spent the last 15 years suffering, but I can spend the next 15 plus actually living!

Thank you HIR family

From the bottom of my very full heart, THANK YOU HIR FAMILY!!! And also, I could write another page just on chef Dani and her food. I usually cannot eat for 3 to 4 months after I get clean but she puts so much love into her work and it made a world of difference! I love you ALL! You saved my life and taught me how to live and Love myself.