Detox from pain pills and cocaine

If you are addicted to pain pills, cocaine, or other substances, you often feel there is no hope for recovery. You may have tried detox and drug treatment programs in the past, but success was short-lived. While you may feel help is beyond your reach, it actually is just one phone call away. Hawaii Island Recovery offers evidence-based drug treatment and detox services that are proven to work and will provide you a lifetime of sobriety that you seek.

Our medical detox services allow you to withdraw from the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal in a comfortable, clean, and safe environment. In addition to medications, we utilize nutritional therapy and other interventions to help you become physically and psychologically stable. During this crucial time in your recovery, expert staff will design an individualized treatment plan that fits your unique and specific needs.

This program includes the following:

Our 30-day programs will give you the tools you need to step confidently into your new recovery-based lifestyle. The following testimonial shows how HIR can transform your life:

What our patient said about our treatment

I came to Hawaii Island Recovery for a thirty-day rehab and detox from pain pills and cocaine. I didn’t think I would make it past the first week. What I found was a very compassionate staff from Intake all the way to Chef Danny. After the first two days, I started feeling better and was very comfortable around the staff and other clients. I was enjoying myself while feeling a little overconfident. Three weeks later I was allowed to leave the facility and I relapsed. The staff was nice enough to consider letting me back into the program on a day-to-day basis.  That’s when I really put my 100% into it. It’s now been about 65 days and I am still in the program as an outpatient and living life on life’s terms. I have never been to rehab in my life and I was so afraid of detox and being miserable without pills and drugs. I wish I came to HIR sooner because they made it so easy for me. If you or a family member is considering treatment I will highly suggest HIR. They have the best staff to accommodate your needs and are very compassionate and accommodating.