You wonder, all the time, what it would be like to be clean and sober. Every addict dreams of a happier, healthier life without substance abuse and the corrosion it causes the quality of life.

If you’re an alcoholic, your spouse, kids, co-workers, friends, neighbors – they all live with an alcoholic – an impairment that may be will disguised or obvious to all.

Your Better Life

Looking for a reason to control your life again? Need to break the endless cycle of addiction, rehab, sobriety, addiction – all in 30 days? It happens too frequently to those who suffer with addictions and harmful behaviors like anorexia, bulimia, gambling, and other activities that undermine life’s quality.

People with addictions look back at the bad times. As they achieve sobriety, and time passes, these one-time addicts often provide a look at the horrible damage addiction does to families and to individuals.

Many addicts help others with addictions take back their lives, remove the hazy veil, and see the beauty in life all around them. Often, recovering addicts provide the most realistic insights into fighting addictions.

Can Sleep Affect My Recovery?
Can Sleep Affect My Recovery?

To learn about the importance of sleep in recovery, as well as our therapies that address sleep behavior, call HIR at (866) 390-5070.

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Bloggers Helping Addicts

In a post on Feelings and Faith titled “They Call that Murder,” the author, Christine Suhan, describes the depths to which she had sunk.

“My addictions had taken me to incredibly low places. I had made a habit out of lying and stealing. I had been in and out of treatment centers, hospitals, and psyche wards…I woke up shaking like a leaf (more like convulsing), my clothes were drenched in sweat, I was confused and I had been vomiting uncontrollably all night.

This wasn’t the first time I had experienced severe DT’s (delirium tremens) from alcohol but this time it felt worse for some reason.”

Christine is incredibly brave to share with the world her reflections on the horrors of alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or unhealthy behaviors.
Individuals can take strength and inspiration from others who’ve been “through it” – if the writer is talking from personal experience, it resonates with readers who nod knowingly because, yes, they’ve been there before, or maybe that’s where they are now.

Other blogs that might motivate you can be found all through the blog band. To find shared experiences with recovering addicts, visit a key blog band search engine like or and enter the keyword addiction in the search box.

Success Breeds Success

Being a success feels great – you’re on top of the world, right? Unfortunately, addiction can cause your world of success to crumble like a house of cards.

Addictions to substances or unhealthy behaviors have destroyed countless marriages, ruined life-long friendships, and kept addicts at the lowest rung on the workplace success ladder. You are down there!

However, reading the reflections of recovering addicts makes you realize that you can change your life for the better. Hey, they did it, why not me?

Read about the success of addicts, discuss addiction with recovering addicts and get the real deal, and motivation to turn around your life for you and those who love you.

Real World Tips

Many bloggers in recovery provide tips and tricks that worked for them in the early stages of recovery. Stop by the Adventures of a Sober Senorita for some familiar stories, and a lot of helpful information from Kelly Fitzgerald

This helpful, engaging, recovering alcoholic provides motivation, showing pictures of her during her binges side-by-side of pictures of her today – a lovely woman fighting to maintain sobriety.

This blog also provides some valuable tips that Kelly shares – tips that’ll keep you sober and clean when temptation crosses your path.

Top 5 Sobriety Tips as a New Years Resolution - Hawaii Island Recovery
Top 5 Sobriety Tips as a New Year’s Resolution

A New Year’s resolution is the perfect reason to refocus 2018 on getting clean and remaining sober. There are some sobriety tips.

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There’s Strength in Numbers

You aren’t alone in your addiction. You haven’t been abandoned. Discovering the success of recovering addicts is comforting and reassuring. Yes, you can do this. Yes, things will be better when you get clean. Yes, you will get your life back.

You may feel helpless and alone because of an addiction, but people say “enough is enough” and change their lives forever, and so can you.

Please drop us a line at Hawaii Island Recovery (HIR) located on the Big Island of Hawaii, and let’s talk. That’s all – just talk.

Discover HIR’s unique blend of traditional and holistic therapies that can be used to create a recovery program that best suits you, not the other way around.

Isn’t it time to reflect on your addiction, your life, your loved ones, and their future? Call Hawaii Island Recovery: (866) 390-5070 and let’s get your life back – starting now.