Discover why the success rate at Hawaii Island Recovery for clients who remain sober for more than one year, is over 78%. Learn more about its unique treatment methods and how it helped clients recover from addiction based on client’s testimonies.

Watch our client’s testimonials here:

Sometimes you just need to feel you belong and that the people want you there and they want to see you healed

“After the family intervention I agreed to go and get treatment. I loved the thought of a community-based center. The therapy I received was exceptional. The staff went out of their way to work with me. I stayed for 120 days and I knew from the second that I left the program I was going to make it”

says a former client of HIR who has successfully achieved and maintained sobriety with the individualized treatment approach in a calm and therapeutic environment.

Addiction often causes social exclusion because an addict finds it hard to maintain healthy personal relationships. Drugs take over an addict’s life, it is the only reason to get up every day and it is the only goal to reach. Everything else fades in the background. So, even if the drug addicts want to connect with people they love, fulfill their obligations and meet the needs of people around them, their craving for the drugs is so overwhelming.

Addicts cannot prioritize any other thing besides drugs. As a result, they feel isolated, unwanted and unloved. At HIR, we bring back the feeling of belongingness to the extent that you will feel loved and wanted unconditionally.

The HIR program helped me break off from my unhealthy habits for more
than 20 years!

“I learned that at the age of 44, having developed the same habits for half of my life, if I continue to do the same thing and expect a different result that is insanity unto itself. Stay with the program. It is not easy but the rewards will reward you like you cannot believe”

says Cris, a former drug addict who is now enjoying a happy and sober life after overcoming addiction and learning positive ways to cope up with problems of daily life.

Old habits are so hard to break but HIR makes sure that you will have the tools you need to make a new start and create sets of healthy habits that would replace your addiction. You don’t just resist the desire to use drugs; you totally get rid of that desire and replace it with a healthy lifestyle.

HIR helped our son regain his self-esteem

A parent of a former HIR client says,

HIR provided to our son the tools that result in restored self-esteem, self-confidence and independence. I would recommend your program to anyone.

When a person loses control over drugs, he needs more than the encouragement to stay on track. He needs to believe that he has the ability to regain that control of his life. Without it, he has a very high risk of relapse.

The therapists at HIR shall help you discover what causes your negative feelings and equips you to face the issues behind these emotions that you are trying to fight using drugs. You will discover how to overcome the common causes of poor self-esteem such as fear of instability, insignificance, immorality and stress. You will also learn how to cope with stressful situations in a healthy way.

Nick terry: This therapy saved my life

Nick Terry, a former oxycodone addict, now an Intake Specialist at HIR said that he before coming to HIR; he was broken-emotionally, physically and spiritually. It was because of his unsuccessful struggle with alcohol for 5 years. He stopped trusting himself, his family lost their trust in him and his life was falling apart. But, everything changed when he came to Hawaii Island Recovery.

“The things, I really believe, saved my life here was one-to-one therapies with counselor at Hawaii Island Recovery. Through the process I learned that Drugs and Alcohol were just symptoms of my underlying issues” says Nick.

One-on-one counseling is also called talk therapy. Others refer to it as behavioral therapy. While group therapy sessions can be very helpful, many clients choose individuals therapy to maintain their privacy especially if they are not yet comfortable to talk about their issues with the group. Therapists also use individual therapy to help addicts focus on the issues that might be causing their addiction, face them and deal with them in a positive way.

Billy Ricci was a broken man but this HIR method helped him regain control of his life

Over eight months ago I was a broken man who totally lost control of my life. So, I agreed to come here not knowing what’s gonna happen. Since I came here, working on recovery, working with the therapists and the doctors they taught me the new way of life. I’m a living proof that it works. It was 2008 since I had my last drink “


HIR therapists work with clients in coming up with a customized addiction treatment plan which takes in every detail of an individual’s addiction. First, the drug addict has to face addiction for what it is. HIR doctors can help you understand that addiction is a long-term disease that causes addicts to seek and use drugs compulsively despite its bad effects. While most addicts use drugs initially on their own will, using drugs for a long period of time changes the user’s brain until he or she can no longer stop using.

Second, the moment drug addicts understood that addiction is a serious disease; the therapists can already introduce them to the unique treatment program. It may combine medication, behavioral therapy, experiential, nature-based therapy, Dolphin-Assisted Psychotherapy, and more! HIR shall base your treatment plan on your patterns of drug abuse, co-occurring mental disorder (anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc.) and existing medical problems. They shall also consider the risk factors that caused your addiction like drug addicts and alcoholics in the family, stress, abuse and family problems among other things.

Third, HIR therapists guide recovering addicts in making realistic expectations. Many addicts start out with an intense motivation to quit but when they don’t reach their recovery goals, they become so disappointed and relapse. Some people think that being sober would always change their lives for the better, that they can regain their career, relationships, and health just like that. But life won’t automatically become easy just because you got sober.

Sobriety is just the beginning of your journey to a lifetime of challenges. HIR understand this, that’s why its in-house doctors and therapists shall teach you how to handle stressful and emotionally-shattering situations. The aftercare services of HIR shall help you step on to your new life without drugs and alcohol. The case manager will assist you in building a sober, happy and fulfilling future ahead of you.

Amanda says, there is something about the HIR environment that healed

Amanda, a former client of HIR who used to abuse oxycodone and alcohol for years said that Hawaii Island Recovery really helped her recovery. She has been in and out of treatment programs since she was 12 years old because of addiction, anxiety, depression. But, her life changed when she called HIR for help. When asked how she got sober, Amanda says,

To stay sober is being in a safe community where I got to have a team of therapists and really live with people and learn how to work out the problems with those people in a safe environment”.

Hawaii Island Recovery is a premiere residential treatment facility that offers a unique treatment program that guides you on the road to lifetime sobriety. HIR offers EMDR to people who had traumatic experiences so that these memories would no longer haunt them. There are also Equine and Dolphin Assisted therapies, recreational activities, art therapy, massage, yoga, acupuncture, one-on-one counseling and more. HIR has fabulous homes, supportive staff and a splendid view of nature at its very best with lush mountains, beautiful beaches, and wild dolphins!

Call (866) 491-8009 to know how Hawaii Island Recovery can help you build a peaceful, healthy and sober life ahead!