Great Day with Hawaii Island Recovery

Yoga first

The clients were doing yoga upon my arrival.  All stretching themselves into relaxation for another excursion to one of the best beaches on the

Trip to Makalawena Beach

We left the house mid morning as the sun started to come out of the clouds; it had been raining for three days prior so everyone was especially excited to get out and do something.  A few of the clients had been to
this place, but since the majority of them haven’t we decided that it was
worth going.

We drove down the partially paved dirt road lined with expansive fields with the light blue ocean in the near distance.  When we got out of the van we took the hike to the secluded beach known as Makalawena.  The hike there is a bit arduous, down a slanted beach, then through a rocky trail in a lava field, but then we arrived at the rolling hills of perfect of white sand, the light green vines speckled throughout, the swelling tide.

Swimming in the Ocean

Everyone had a look of contentment…we all immediately got in the water and went for a swim deep in the ocean.  When we came back and sat on
the beach we saw dolphins playing in the water and whales breaching.  We joked around for awhile and then drifted off for a nap in the hot afternoon sun.  We hiked back satisfied, got home, and ate a delicious lunch
prepared by one of the clients.

Makalawena beach | Hawaii Island Recovery Excursion with clients to Makalawena beach.

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