From my initial contact with Jimmy he was able to put everything intact in a matter
of a day and in 2 days I was on a flight to Kona. Thank you to Jimmy and Kevin for expediting the process for me. Kristi took care of all the business needs throughout my recovery so there was no stress on me for that; it was just focus on myself. Nicole, My “tita sista”, gave up her Sundays so I could meet with my sponsor and go out and get anything I may have needed.

Build yourself up!

To all my therapists, they made me able to dig deep into my past and bring out events or feelings that I didn’t believe affected my addiction. Fernando, Nance, Eliza and of course Z are cohesively pieced together. They break you
down and help you build yourself up! And just a suggestion, do not be late to Z’s group therapy. She’ll call you out on it. Add all of this with the therapeutic excursions and sessions, it gives you a better perception of life. Acupuncture, swimming with the dolphins, massage and meditation completes the whole package. Yoga
and workout at the gym have made me, when I could barely walk, be able to
run5 miles on a treadmill.

Support and love

And now the RM’s, who were basically with us 24/7. Giving us all the support and love. Eight different personalities, meetings twice a day, always with a smile. Paul, Bria (with a voice that WILL grow on you). Toby and sweet Danielle, thank you for putting up with all my moods. And last but the most important, Chef Dani (Roll Tide!), the glue that keeps the house together, positively the mother away from home. You need anything like the comforts of home, she is the one to
ask. And her cooking, second to none. She prepares healthy and nutritious
meals and basically nursed me back to life.

HIR has created a foundation to build on!

For anyone who wants a foundation or is starting back to live a clean and sober life, I highly recommend Hawaii Island Recovery. With a maximum of only 8 clients at a time, they are able to focus on your addict as compared to being last in a clientele of 20 to 30 people. Majority of staff are in recovery so they can relate and understand the struggles that you have and are going through. It has been a journey of serious hard work and determination to continue my sobriety. I start a new journey in life and again HIR has created a foundation to build on. So for anyone who is serious about getting clean and sober, HIR is again “Second to none”! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for saving my life. Aloha and Mahalo.



Honolulu, HI

How Hawaii Island Recovery treats addiction Hawaii Island Recovery provides a safe, confidential and therapeutic environment where clients can recover from addiction and gain the positive skills to lead healthy lives.