The clients were doing yoga when I arrived on a beautiful Saturday morning.  Everyone ultimately blissed out and ready for the day, we got into the van to go to the famous City of Refuge in South Kona.  The place is a historical site that provided shelter to misplaces Polynesians in the 1500’s.

Wooden Statues

There are wooden huts, replicas of incredibly intricate wooden statues, and fishing cabins lines over the flat, palm tree strewn land.  It also lies on the water thus making it a great place to look at fish.  One of the clients was a tour guide for Hawaiian national parks so while we walked around he was telling us about all of the different plant life that is specific to this particular region of the island.

City of Refuge in South Kona

Hawaiian Sun, birds

After a few clients bought books at the gift shop, we went for a brief swim at a famous snorkeling spot, then got into the van and headed toward the closest town to get some gelato.  In Hawaii there are a ton of flavors that are specific to the place.  While everyone tried the different tropical flavors, we hung out outside on some benches in the late afternoon Hawaiian sun, listening to the different birds and animals of the surrounded jungle while enjoying the tasty treat, all deeply satisfied from the day.