From hiking to surfing to sampling food, the Big Island offers visitors to Hawaii and endless supply of things to do.

Have you ever been to the Big Island? There is an endless number of things to see, do, and discover on the largest island in chain of islands dotting the Pacific Ocean. No matter which types of activities you enjoy, Hawaii can entertain any person of any age from the youngest child to the oldest adult.

The Hawaiian islands are unmatched by any other place on the planet. Some of the world’s most active volcanoes reside on the island. The world famous “Seven Mile Miracle” draws in surfers from around the globe. Miles and miles of hiking trails, from easy strolls to grueling inclines, welcome all types of adventurers. Delicious foods invite foodies galore for Instagram-worthy, delectable dishes.

Whatever it is that you like to do, the Big Island has something to offer. Come visit and experience the breathtaking sights for yourself! Continue reading to learn more about some of the incredible things you can do in Hawaii.

Hawaii activities

Unbelievable Sightseeing

If you have yet to visit Hawaii you have at least seen pictures of the scenery. It feels like you can almost walk through the picture and out onto the island yourself. Hawaii is picture perfect from the miles of beaches surrounding the Big Island to the lush, tropical mountain peaks. There are numerous areas to visit to experience some of the best sightseeing the Big Island has to offer.


When you think of the Big Island of Hawaii, it’s almost guaranteed that the beaches are the first thing you think of. When you step onto the soft sands it seems like you walked into a real life postcard. Clear waters lap against the shore and palm trees dot the perimeter of the sand.

State and National Parks

The 50 state and national parks spread across the eight major islands protect much of the magnificent beauty Hawaii has to offer. The Big Island alone houses four National Parks and 14 State Parks. The four nationally protected parks include:

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: The must-see Hawaii Volcanoes National Park allows you to safely view the active Kilauea volcano. From the steaming vents to flowing lava, this park puts you up close and personal with the volcanoes of the Big Island.
  • Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park: The Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park protects the refuge area where defeated warriors came after battle.
  • Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park: Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park protects the engravings, housing platforms, and the place of worship of an ancient settlement on the Big Island.
  • Pu’ukohala Heiau National Historic Park: If you’re looking for more Hawaiian history, Pu’ukohala Heiau National Historic Park should be on your radar. Experience the place of worship constructed around the year 1790 in the name of Kūka’ilimoku, the war god.

Snorkeling in the Seas

If you seek a fun activity for your family, snorkeling in the crystal waters surrounding the Big Island will put a smile on every family member’s face. Snorkeling puts you up close and personal with the dozens of different species of marine life that swim in the waters surrounding Hawaii. A few spots for snorkeling include:

  • Kahalu’u Beach Park
  • Kealakekua Bay (Captain Cook)
  • Honaunau Bay (Two Step)

Surfing as Far as the Eye Can See

If you want to see the “Seven Mile Miracle,” the seven-mile stretch of beaches known for their incredible surfing, you’ll have to travel to Oahu. The Big Island isn’t as revered for its surf spots but there are still dozens of places to paddle out.

Many spots on the island of Hawaii remain in the hands of the locals. There are still a few popular spots to try out if you know what you’re doing, including Banyans, Pine Trees, and Kahaluu Beach.

Sample Some Coffee

The Kona district of the Big Island offers an ideal region and climate for coffee growers. This places Kona coffee at the top among the ranks of premium coffees worldwide. When you visit the island of Hawaii make sure to take the time to visit the district and try out a cup of their incredible coffee. You might even want to purchase a bag of coffee beans to bring some of the island back home!

Looking For Help on the Big Island?

Though millions know of Hawaii as a popular vacation destination, some seek refuge on the island from their struggles. The island houses numerous addiction and mental health treatment centers like Hawaii Island Recovery. If you need a place to get away from your everyday life in order to start fresh, seeking treatment on the Big Island may help.

Once you separate from drugs and alcohol you give yourself the opportunity to explore all of the activities above. Finding new hobbies proves itself as of the most challenging parts of early recovery. Getting clean and sober on the Big Island helps fill some of your time with all that it offers.

If you want to get clean and sober on the Big Island, call 877-721-3556 to learn more. You never have to be alone in your addiction again if you choose not to. Make the call that could be the first step towards a brand new life today.