I consider
my experience at Hawaii Island Recovery to be one that
is positive. The entire staff is experienced professionals, and compassionate. I felt that all clients are treated equally and with kindness and respect. 
Therapists are using current methods of treatment. In particular I appreciated the use of EMDR tapping, and meditation.

Self-care is emphasized which was helpful in establishing routines that are easily carried out to the world outside of H.I.R. Those as simple as simple as making ones’ bed every morning, yoga, massage, and exercise at the gym. Spending time in nature that included trips to the beach including a swim with wild dolphins in the ocean.

The food was good and nutritious and allowed for individual dietary needs.

I felt the program helped me to better understand my addiction and I have
left with renewed sense of strength, better health, and the ability to go
forward with the determination to maintain my newly found sobriety.


Therapists are using current methods of treatment

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