There is no shortage of challenges that veterans face when adjusting to civilian life, and the effects, experiences, and traumas from one’s time in the military can persist long after one has been discharged. As a result, addiction can be incredibly prevalent, with the use of drugs and alcohol being commonplace among veterans.

Finding the right support and treatment for addiction is paramount, but it can be difficult to locate the right resources that are prepared to help with the unique struggles, needs, and experiences of veterans. However, finding addiction treatment for veterans is always possible, and there are a number of resources that can best educate each individual on the right path toward a healthy, sober future.

Finding Personalized Support

Addiction is a very personal disease, and each individual will have their own unique experiences, stresses, and needs that need to be addressed in order to effectively recover. Veterans, in particular, can suffer from a very complex mix of trauma, culture, and needs, and finding personalized and dedicated support for the challenges that veterans face is essential.

Dedicated veteran programs provide the outlets and air of understanding needed to make progress in processing and overcoming the traumas and stress that veterans bring home. This sense of community and camaraderie is paramount for creating an effective community and recovery plan.

Finding programs that directly cater to veterans can deconstruct many of the initial barriers that one may face. It can be difficult to connect with peers if one doesn’t share similar experiences. Conversely, finding others who can truly understand one’s struggles is the first step toward creating an effective recovery atmosphere. The struggles that veterans face are unique, and there is no replacement for having other veterans and peers to face these challenges together.

The Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Program

The Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Program is a resource devised to help veterans gain access to necessary detox programs for drugs and alcohol, as well as provide psychiatric care dedicated to veterans. The program is managed by the Veteran Health Association and is catered specifically to helping veterans gain access to these necessary services, with their website serving as a launching point to direct veterans to appropriate care.


The program can be accessed by contacting one’s local VA medical facility.

Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront ( is a program to support veterans in civilian struggles, helping to provide housing and familial support to facilitate a healthy and thriving home life. Addiction affects every aspect of one’s life and family, and support from Operation Homefont can provide necessary care to one’s family and relieve some of this stress.

Utilizing these programs along with dedicated addiction and substance use disorder (SUD) programs can create a holistic approach to one’s recovery as one focuses both on their struggles with addiction as well as on the creation or maintenance of a healthy home life.

Use the Veterans Crisis Line

The Veterans Crisis Line is a support line dedicated to understanding the stresses and needs of veterans. Not only does this line ensure that one is talking to an individual educated and sympathetic to the unique experiences of veterans, but it can also be a crucial source of education to identify symptoms of substance abuse while helping an individual find effective treatment strategies and programs.

The Women Veterans Call Center

The Women Veterans Call Center is a resource dedicated specifically to the needs of women and is able to direct and connect women with resources specific to their needs, including the unique traumas they may face and the need for addiction treatment and psychological care.

The line can be accessed at 1-855-829-6636 (1-855-VA-WOMEN) Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. and on weekends from 8:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. However, their website also offers an online chat feature, and if calling outside of these times, one can leave a message and have their call returned to address their needs.

The trials of veterans require a specialized approach, and finding dedicated and educated support for these stresses is paramount. Education regarding SUD, PTSD, and addiction can all help an individual better identify their symptoms and the need for treatment. Finding dedicated veteran support programs, local groups, and dedicated detox, residential, or outpatient care is crucial for creating a community of veterans who share in one’s experiences and needs and to build a healthier, sober future to serve those who have served their country. 

Finding resources to help the veteran community is essential, and Hawaii Island Recovery is dedicated to becoming one of these core resources for those seeking drug and alcohol treatment programs in Hawaii. From residential drug and alcohol treatment to ongoing outpatient care, Hawaii Island is dedicated to the ongoing, sustained sobriety of those who have served their country. Our unique approach to recovery, involving our luxurious, safe residential space, community involvement, and spiritual connection to the energies that make up the beautiful big island in Hawaii, we are prepared to personalize each program to your unique needs and goals as veterans. It is never too late to pursue sobriety, and by bringing together veterans with understanding professionals, we are creating a dedicated community for all. For more information on how we can help you, call to speak to a caring, trained staff member today at (866) 390-5070.