Hawaii Island Recovery is a life-changing program; It has saved my life and help hold my family together. When all hope seemed to be lost, HIR managed to help me bring myself back to the light. I initially struggled to get out of my mind where my thoughts consumed the darkness and me took over. I used alcohol to self
medicate to cope with anxiety, sleep and turning off my thoughts.

HIR helped me regain my mental, spiritual and physical
strength. I will be forever grateful for everything they have done for me
and for my new found life. I can’ t thank HIR enough for their endless guidance, support, compassion and aloha that they have freely given
to me. Thank you for saving my life. HIR. My family and I will never forget how amazing this experience was.

All our love and Aloha to the entire HIR staff and program.

Respectfully, Sharon and Ohana (family)