Exploring new experiences in recovery is a crucial component of a sustainable and healthy sober life. Finding new opportunities to heal from addiction and maintain the sober transformations made throughout professional treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery is paramount, with water activities being one of these potential options. Personalizing each person’s treatment program and engagement in water activities while exploring the benefits therein can all help each person pursue their own sobriety while creating a new and fulfilling lifestyle in sobriety. 

Forms of Water Activities in Recovery

Utilizing the water can provide a new approach to activities and routines, all while fostering a deeper connection to oneself and the natural world. However, that doesn’t mean that each person will benefit from the same water activities in the same ways. Rather, each person should approach the activities that best resonate with them and their needs and goals. Finding the water activities that best fit into each person’s daily life and schedule can empower them to be most effective going forward. Some potential options for effective water activities in addiction recovery include:

  • Water yoga or aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Wading in the water
  • Snorkeling
  • Walks on the waterfront
  • Beach activities, from beach sports like volleyball to building sandcastles or engaging in community beach cleanups

However, this is not an exhaustive list of potential water activities for those in recovery to engage in. Working with professionals, peers, family, and friends can help each person explore how they can best utilize water’s natural advantages for sustainable sobriety. 

The Dangers of Replacing One Addiction For Another While in Recovery
The Dangers of Replacing One Addiction For Another While in Recovery

It is critical to engage in balanced recovery to avoid replacing one addiction with another. For more details, call Hawaii Island Recovery at (866) 390-5070.

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The Benefits of Water Activities in Recovery

Getting into the water can have a plethora of benefits for those managing the stresses and challenges of daily sober life. Not only is exploring personal interests in water activities important but knowing how they can further an individual’s sober goals can also empower each person to engage in these activities with openness and fair expectations. 

Reducing Stress

Stress is commonplace throughout daily life. However, those engaged in a professional recovery program and continuing to manage their daily sobriety can be exposed to even more daily stresses. From the challenges of rebuilding a sober daily life to managing urges, cravings, or even the continued effects of mental health disorders, stress can feel overwhelming. Getting in the water can help reduce this stress in a variety of ways. 

Mindfulness | Hawaii Island Recovery

For some, wading in the ocean can be a powerful approach to stress relief, tangibly feeling the weight of oneself lighten and providing a new form of physical freedom that can have profound effects on a person’s emotional state. Some may reduce stress by getting involved in dedicated activities such as water sports which can provide a great way to distract a person’s mind from otherwise stressful sources. 

Others can use these same strategies to address prevalent chronic pains that may otherwise impact daily life, further reducing personal stresses and providing additional relapse prevention strategies while promoting healthy physical and emotional health.

Promoting Mindfulness

Engaging in relaxing mindfulness strategies can also be incredibly beneficial for those continuing their recovery journey as an alumnus. Water activities can empower those in recovery to pay more attention to their own bodies, minds, and needs. Feeling the waves against one’s body, the sand of the beach underfoot, the fresh air through the air, and more can all empower those in recovery to focus inward on how these things affect them, how their bodies are feeling and can help promote a relaxing atmosphere to promote other mindfulness strategies.

What Are Urges and Cravings and What Do They Mean in Recovery?
What Are Urges and Cravings and What Do They Mean in Recovery?

Urges and cravings are difficult to overcome. Learn how our residential alcohol treatment and drug treatment can help by calling us today at (866) 390-5070.

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Getting Active

Adopting new physical exercise outlets is crucial for maintaining a truly transformed lifestyle. Physical health and mental health are intimately intertwined. Making an active effort to get physically moving can provide many advantages for those in recovery managing their daily sober lives. Water sports and activities can get the body moving in a fun way to address these physical needs. 

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Engaging in Supportive Communities

Water activities in recovery can also be a great way to connect with others over newfound shared interests. For some, these activity groups may be conducted with peers from a dedicated recovery program, while others may seek out new activities outside of the recovery sphere and connect with others over their interests themselves. Water sports leagues, surfing or swimming clubs, or going to be beach with friends, family, and peers can all be ways to get involved in new communities and foster a new lifestyle beyond the use of drugs or alcohol. 

Using Water Activities to Connect With Nature

Nature has many healing benefits, and being able to connect with nature through water activities can promote a holistic approach to a transformed sober life. Not only can nature promote effective spiritual healing, but it can also empower those in recovery to better explore their own needs and goals and break through feelings of isolation, loneliness, or entrapment in daily life. Hawaii Island Recovery is situated to use the natural healing advantages of the Hawaiian islands to best promote this spiritual healing and growth all while exploring the efficacies of water activities at each stage of healing.

Water activities can provide a number of advantages for those either just beginning their recovery journey or continuing to add new strategies to their recovery skills and toolkits. At Hawaii Island Recovery, effective use of water activities is a crucial part of a transformative and comprehensive approach to recovery and sobriety. From promoting a healthier lifestyle and sense of community to using the beautiful Hawaiian islands to facilitate a connection to nature and profound spiritual healing, engaging in water activities can address a plethora of personal needs and goals throughout any stage of the recovery process. To learn how our engagement in water activities can help you pursue your sober goals, call to speak to us today at (866) 390-5070.