Don’t you know that Bruno Mars, the hot and sensational singer-songwriter from Hawaii who conquered the world with his music, “Uptown Funk”, and “Lazy Song” suffered from drug abuse but successfully overcame it? Learn the secrets to his successful recovery and the program that can help you deal with addiction issues.

Quit Drug Abuse like Bruno Mars

Bruno’s songs were phenomenal. Every album sweeps almost every radio station all over the country, kids imitate him, and the lyrics became parts of everyday talk. He had two studio albums, 17 singles, got featured in 7 singles, 25 music videos and counting! His songs “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade” topped the country’s billboard charts and rapt United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries by storm. So, when the news broke that he got busted for cocaine possession, the world was shocked and wondered what brought him into drugs.
Like other celebrities, Bruno was not spared by the fame and fortune of his Hollywood career. In fact, it brought his drugging habits into the open and made him the subject of criticisms from fans and critics.

When asked about his night in Vegas which brought him into hot waters because of carrying cocaine, he said that he tries hard to forget about it. He claims that he was really drunk at the night of his arrest so he could not remember everything. This popular singer says that he also tries to forget the things that are clear to him, especially the arrest and he keeps on moving on every day.

What lesson did Bruno learn from the night of his arrest?

“I can take this away from you”, he says referring to how drugs can take away everything that he has. “It can…embarrass you”. This realization prompted him to address his addiction, get treatment and move on. Like Bruno Mars, many other celebrities have been dragged into drug addiction controversies. Some moved on, while others got trapped, never got off and died.

What are the treatment options available for drug addiction?

The usual treatments for drug addiction include medication, behavioral therapy, and alternative therapies.

Do I need to receive medications to overcome drug addiction?

It depends on your physical condition and medical issues. Drug addiction treatment varies from medication to alternative therapies. At HIR, medications are used to treat the physical symptoms of addiction and to help reset the body and the brain functions. It also deals with the patients’ cravings especially during the first few weeks after quitting on drugs. Medication is only used to assist patients. The main focus of Hawaii Island Recovery is to help patients understand the cause of his or her addiction, deal with these issues and make a lifestyle change that would support lifetime recovery from drug addiction.

Aside from my addiction, I am mentally and emotionally stable. Do I still need to undergo behavioral treatment?

Yes! People with drug addiction usually suffer from behavioral issues. The first challenge is to get them involved in the treatment because many of them don’t see the need for enrolling in a recovery program. They have the wrong notion that you only need to get treatment when you hit rock bottom. But the problem is, “how would you know if you’re trapped in the mire of addiction and have plunged deeply you can no
longer stop using drugs?”

The moment your cravings start to control you and you cannot resist the urge to abuse drugs even if it means losing your relationships, career, money and everything you worked for; you’re already an addict. You lose control and you need people to get you out of the pattern of using drugs, trying to quit and using again after failed attempts to stop. Addiction is a habit which turns out to be an uncontrollable vice. If you want to stop this vicious habit, you need a lifestyle change which is only possible if you have a new mindset and you are emotionally stable.

Can wild dolphins help speed up my healing?

Yes. Dolphin is a sensitive animal which, just like human being interact with each other the way families would. By getting into the water with them can help you slow down and let go of your worries. Dolphin therapy sessions can be a dramatic and fun experience. Dramatic in a way that you may recall that like dolphins that move in a pod, you have a family too or group of friends or people who love you and whom you care about. It is fun because the way they move, jump and play can excite you and make you smile again.

Do I still have to stay in a community like Hawaii Island Recovery?

Yes! Staying in a treatment facility that resembles a community is highly advised by the experts. The staff of HIR and your fellow residents can help you reach out and share your burdens with people who understand what you are going through. Some of the HIR staffs are former drug addicts who successfully recovered through HIR. You can ask these people about similar issues they faced during their recovery.

What is the main goal of HIR treatment?

HIR believes that drug addiction is a disease that requires holistic treatment. While abstinence from drugs and other addictive substances is the goal of HIR, our main goal is for you to live a drug-free and healthy life. HIR implements medical, behavioral and relapse-prevention therapies that seek to equip you with the right tools to beat stress and addiction triggers and to live a life without fear of being out of control again.

What makes Hawaii Island Recovery special?

Here’s what Zahava “Z” Zaidoff, M-RAS, the community manager at Hawaii Island Recovery says about HIR.

“A lot of addicts and alcoholics in general, they struggle with issues of low self-esteem, insecurity and not feeling good enough for the good things that can happen in their lives,”

Zahava, therapist

She says that these people come to HIR and they get individual and group therapy, experiential therapy, dolphin therapy. They attend meetings where they get cuddled by supportive people.

When describing the other benefits residents get from HIR treatment, she says,

“They get the benefits of massage, reiki and they get to know a lot of things about themselves from different aspects; from journaling to horse riding, to being able to be out with the dolphins…which is a fun trip and it’s more than that.”

Zahava, therapist

Zahava also adds that dolphin therapy helps residents overcome fear by letting go for the first in their lives.

When talking about the HIR staff and how they help residents beat addiction issues, she says, “Between the community managers, the clinical and non-clinical staff, everybody combined creates a safe place and frankly I’m honored to be a part of this team here that really helps
rebuild lives”.

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