I came to HIR with an intention of getting my life back, and also addressing a number of medical problems I was facing. Before arriving, HIR allowed me to work with a physical trainer, and made accommodations in helping me reach my appointments. They also helped me receive dental care that I needed, and their doctor (Dr. Denzer) took an invested interest in addressing my blood clots, peripheral neuropathy, and overall health in general. I also was allowed to investigate my substance use and abuse that has hindered me for years. I am very thankful for the experience I have had here, and I
am excited for my future after I leave. The living situation was relaxing
and comfortable, and the food provided by their chef (Danny) has been phenomenal. I am truly grateful for my growth as a person, and for the medical treatment I have received. My health and physical ailments have made tremendous progress.

Thank you again!

Forever Thankful