When looking for addiction treatment, knowing the daily experience of life in the residential treatment center can help you make the best decision about where to seek support. Each treatment center differs in the daily schedules, routines, therapies, and community activities offered to patients in recovery. Hawaii Island Recovery provides a unique, luxury substance abuse treatment experience, emphasizing the value of the Hawaiian culture and landscape.

Morning Meetings: ‘Aloha Mana’

The aloha spirit is a critical part of the experience at Hawaii Island Recovery. Each morning begins with a meeting to invigorate you and your peers to start the day right with gratitude, warmth, and power in your recovery from addiction.

Aloha is the Hawaiian greeting and parting word to express gratitude, respect, warmth, and love. Each day, you, your peers, and staff will treat one another with the aloha spirit to build a sense of community within the treatment center.

Mana is the word for your personal energy or power, which can be replenished or drained throughout your day. While addiction depleted your mana, your recovery can help restore your time and energy as you heal from the damage of drug and alcohol use.

Maintaining Structure and Schedule After Rehab in Hawaii
Maintaining Structure and Schedule After Rehab in Hawaii

Maintaining a healthy structure is instrumental in continuing to prioritize your sober lifestyle. Learn more by calling Hawaii Island today at (866) 390-5070.

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Medication and Withdrawal Symptom Tracking

When you first stop using drugs or drinking alcohol, you might go through withdrawal with symptoms that can vary based on factors unique to your health and the length or severity of your addiction. You might be taking medication-assisted treatment (MAT) medications as part of your medically supervised detoxification during early addiction treatment. Additionally, if you have a co-occurring psychiatric diagnosis or other medical issues, a medication routine could be a crucial aspect of your overall health during treatment.

Each morning at Hawaii Island Recovery, staff will help you take your medications and track your withdrawal symptoms. Some common withdrawal symptoms can interrupt your sleep or appetite. Noting these symptoms each morning as your body adjusts to a routine wake-up time will help your treatment team understand how your detoxification is progressing. Withdrawal symptoms should peak in severity within the first few days of detox, and your team wants to ensure that your detox plan is moving in a positive direction.

Individual Counseling and Group Therapy Sessions

You will begin your daily treatment plan with individual counseling and group therapy sessions following your medical check-in and nutritious breakfast. Hawaii Island Recovery implements trauma-informed care approaches to treatment due to the prevalence of traumatic experiences among those with addiction and mental health disorders. Depending on your needs and co-occurring mental health issues, your counselor might use different evidence-based therapeutic modalities, like:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Helps those with trauma disorders, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Can also be helpful if you struggle with panic or anxiety disorders
  • You will go through eight phases of EMDR, which will help your central nervous system remain calm while recalling distressing events with your therapist

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • One of the most common therapeutic modalities, which will examine and restructure your belief systems
  • Treats a range of mental health issues by challenging your beliefs to help you make healthier choices
  • As you challenge and test your beliefs, you can start to let go of self-destructive thought patterns that could lead to addiction


  • Measures brain waves with a non-invasive technique
  • Provides feedback on what parts of your brain activate while stressed to help you change your thought processes
  • Neurofeedback helps train your brain to regulate emotions and responses more effectively to improve your mood, sleep, and energy

You might have a few different therapy sessions throughout your day. Group therapy can also follow a specific modality, as you will work with your peers on practicing the skills you learn in therapy. You might use role-playing, share your experiences, or listen to and observe others to learn healthy ways to manage stress without using drugs or alcohol.

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Experiential Opportunities and Excursions

You will spend much of your day engaging in valuable experiences, which will help you appreciate your new outlook on life in recovery. At Hawaii Island Recovery, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with the grounding spirit of the Big Island. Culturally competent guides will help you explore the island and engage in life-changing experiences, such as:

  • Hiking and nature-based therapy along the beaches, woods, and the mountains
  • Ocean-based excursions along the shoreline or in the water to see the wonders of life within the Pacific Ocean
  • Mindfulness activities to help you engage with life “in the moment” without negative thoughts holding you back

Throughout your stay, you will reflect upon and share your experiences with peers and staff. As you continue through your treatment, you can practice new coping skills in the community of Hawaii Island Recovery. The wonderful outward experiences on the Big Island, coupled with your deep inner therapy work, will help you move forward in your new life in recovery.

Understanding what your day will look like during treatment can help you make the best decision about attending drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The best programs offer a combination of holistic therapies, evidence-based treatments, and experiential therapy to allow you the space to practice and experience recovery. The Big Island of Hawaii provides a breath-taking backdrop to begin building the skills you need to start your life in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. At Hawaii Island Recovery, we believe in the “aloha spirit” and infuse culturally significant aspects of the Hawaiian Islands into our treatment programs. As you go through your treatment, you will be treated with respect, gratitude, and warmth by your peers and treatment team. If you or your loved one struggles with an addiction, you can benefit from the valuable experience of our Hawaii recovery center’s residential treatment programming. Call our admissions office for more information today at (866) 390-5070.

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