For the massive number of movies that involve drinking, there aren’t nearly as many fantastic movies about addiction. You can go to the movie theater at almost any given time and at least one big-name film will involve some sort of alcohol-infused adventure. Drinking is heavily glamorized in today’s society and the movies are no exception.

Big screen productions like Superbad, American Pie, and The Hangover made millions of dollars. While it’s enjoyable to watch a great comedy movie, those who know someone who struggles with alcoholism or addiction understand what life is like on the other side of the bottle. It’s not always as funny as what you see on the screen.

Thankfully there are a few incredible movies about addiction out today, some released only a few months ago. Some show the insanity of alcoholism and drug addiction, some provide hope for those still stuck in the cycle.

If you’re looking for a few great movies about addiction to watch, try out some of the ones on this list.

1. Beautiful Boy (2018)

Beautiful Boy is based on a pair of memoirs written by a father and son about the son’s struggle with meth addiction. After a bright childhood and time in school, Nicolas Sheff falls prey to the claws of addiction. His father, David, does everything he can to help his son find help.
This movie about addiction hits home for both addicts and those who love them.

2. Flight (2012)

Flight tells of Whip Whitaker, a commercial airline pilot locked in a vicious battle with alcoholism and drug addiction. He regularly pilots flights while under the influence without raising concern. When a mid-air plane malfunction requires him to pull off an emergency landing, he’s raised up as a hero. During the crash investigation, though, his problems with drugs and alcohol come to light and the story quickly shifts.

3. A Star is Born (2018)

Back in its fourth iteration, A Star is Born tells the story of an alcoholic musician, Jack, who meets an unbelievably talented but unknown singer, Ally. She is about to throw in the towel on her dream of pursuing music when Jack helps push her into the industry. The two fall in love and get married as Ally’s career takes off, but Jack’s alcoholism threatens to tear it all down. This is another one of those movies about addiction that hits home for both the addict and their loved one.

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4. Trainspotting (1996)

Trainspotting is a movie about addiction that accurately depicts the cycle of addiction, and how easily it is to find yourself trapped in it. Mark Renton is a heroin addict who trips in and out of attempts at sobriety with little help from his ragtag group of friends. One scene in the film shows when his parents lock him in his room to detox and it accurately shows the living nightmare some find themselves in during withdrawal.

5. Blow (2001)

Blow shows how the pull of quick money made from dealing drugs can keep you stuck in the game. George Jung was on top of the world as the world’s top cocaine importer but things quickly come crashing down. This is one of those movies about addiction that makes it clear how difficult it is to stop using, even when you’ve got everything to lose.

6. Everything Must Go (2010)

Everything Must Go reveals that alcoholism and addiction affects everyone, no matter what position you hold. Nick Halsey loses his job after showing up drunk too often then immediately after loses his wife, who is tired of dealing with him. She dumps all of his belongings onto the lawn where he holds a yard sale and tries to begin again.

7. RENT (2005)

RENT is a movie musical based on the Broadway musical of the same name. It documents the lives of eight friends in New York City, struggling with a number of life’s problems. Two of the friends struggle with heroin addiction, one still actively using and the other in recovery after the death of his girlfriend. The movie doesn’t focus entirely on addiction but still makes this list of movies about addiction because it shows some of the less talked about results of using.

8. Being Charlie (2015)

In Being Charlie, Charlie Mills is the son of a politician who escapes from one of his stays at a drug rehab program. Once they find him, his parents send him to another facility. He meets a girl while there and the two start a relationship. Being Charlie focuses on a common theme in recovery: trying to navigate romantic relationships while still in a vulnerable place and replacing one addiction with another.

9. The Basketball Diaries (1995)

The Basketball Diaries is based on the memoir of Jim Carroll, chronicling the story of a boy destined for basketball greatness. He’s quickly derailed when a friend introduces him to heroin and cocaine, sending Jim into a destructive spiral. He does whatever it takes to get his fix, from assault to robbery to prostitution until he finds himself behind bars, needing to build his life back up.

10. Candy (2006)

Candy is another one of the movies about addiction that combines the stories of addiction and romance. Dan and Candy fall in love with each other and Candy is drawn into Dan’s heroin-laced world. It tells the story of the depths some need to go to before seeking the help they need, hopefully before it’s too late.

When Movies Become Real Life

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