Aren’t you tired of cancer? We all are, and it’s time to kick cancer’s butt right here in Kona, and you can be part of the winning team. Each year the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life raises awareness of cancer and a lot of money to fund research to find cures.

What: The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life

Where: Old Kona Airport Park, 75-5500 Kuakini Highway, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

When: Saturday, July 9-10, 2016 from 5 P.M. until 1

So far, 19 relay teams have signed up with 88 individuals: walkers, joggers, strollers, sprinters, all caring Hawaiians walking to raise money to fund cancer research

The Kona Relay for Life teams has raised $15,039.15 pledged to the ongoing battle to beat cancer forever.

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And you can help!

The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is fun. It’s also the largest fundraising event to fund cancer research. Participants become part of the cancer-fighting communities, making friends who share the same values, and who desire to give back to the community.

How it works. Participants find supporters who will pay the relay team member for every mile walked. Teams build camaraderie as tents and campsites are set up for participants in the 32-hour Relay for Life.
If you don’t have a team, no worries. The organizers will fit you with a team that’ll become your friends in the battle to fight this awful disease.
Teammates take turns walking or jogging or sprinting around the track – hour after hour, with each participant walking for a different list of contributors. Walk solo and get lost in your thoughts, or join your workmates and share some fun time while you help others in our special community.

Who do you help? Some volunteers walk for a family member or friend battling cancer right now. It’s inspiring and truly heart warming to be able to take action that helps friends and family fighting to eradicate cancer forever.
This year alone, 1.6 million people’s lives will change when they become “cancer patients.” Some are your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Some are total strangers, but all are part of the human race – The Relay for Life.

How can you help? If you choose to organize a team of friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers, Relay Nation – an American Cancer Society Relay for Life support group will help with everything from fundraising to promotion to leadership skills you’ll use every day.
However, you don’t have to strap on your old running shoes to support the Relay for Life. In fact, you can help in many ways.

  • recruit financial supporters for participants
  • become a generous financial supporter but committing to your favorite relay participant
  • volunteer on the day and night of the event – volunteers are needed for all kinds of duty so never fear, you’ll be put to work and you’ll love every second of it
  • light a luminaria in honor of a loved one and light the way for the
    teams as they circle the track
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The Relay for Life App

• donate online; it doesn’t get any easier than that and your generous contribution will help research funded by the American Cancer Society; a couple of clicks and you’re in the Relay for Life is a supporter of more research to end cancer.
Ready to sign up to help? Thank you for your help. Every volunteer on the track, every donor who supports one of our relay teams, the volunteers who work through the night keeping things running smoothly – these men, women, kids, families, co-workers, neighbors – people you don’t know yet – these people are heroes, and you can be one of them.
Come out to Old Kona Airport Park on July 9-10 from 5 P.M. until 1 A.M. and root on your favorite team, or help other volunteers in our fight against cancer.

Hawaii Island Recovery

While you’re in the area, stop in to visit staff at Hawaii Island Recovery, a small 8-bed facility staffed with professionals to help you kick harmful substance abuse and dangerous behaviors.
Help others and help yourself when you volunteer for the Relay for Life: Kona and a visit to Hawaii Island Recovery.