There is a traditional saying in Hawaii that expands goes “Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No.” What this translates to is “When I give my love to you, you may give your love to me.” This is a big part of what alumni programs in Hawaii are all about. It is about staying connected so that bond and mutual love that was created between peers in treatment can continue to grow beyond the recovery center doors. Also, it is about “Aloha;” love and fellowship.

What Exactly Are Alumni Programs in Recovery?

The truth is that alumni programs in recovery are not that much different than alumni programs in other avenues of life, such as those that are formed in academia. Now, the difference is that alumni programs in recovery can be the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse and another cycle of damage to ourselves and others. 

Alumni programs are meant to keep us connected to the treatment center where we found sobriety and more importantly started our recovery journey. It also keeps us connected to the addiction and mental health professionals who we worked with there, as well as the peers who we met along the way.

In Hawaii, there is also a term, ‘Imi Ola,” which means to seek out the best possible life for ourselves and others and to seek value in our mission to grow. This is what alumni programs in Hawaii are all about; being seekers, always learning, and growing in the process.

Supporting Alumni for a Healthy Future
Supporting Alumni for a Healthy Future

Continuing to support alumni is a crucial part of sustained sobriety. Learn how our Hawaii recovery centers can help by calling us today at (866) 390-5070.

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What Are Some of the Benefits of Alumni Programs?

There are many benefits to staying connected in recovery, not the least of which is avoiding relapse and all of the potential dangers that come with it. This comes from working with others. As is written in 12-Step recovery’s primary text (most commonly referred to as the “Big Book”), “Practical experience shows that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking [or using substances] as intensive work with other [people in recovery]. It works when other activities fail.” 

Supporting Alumni for a Healthy Future

While this crucial work with others can be found in many places, alumni programs make it easy to stay connected and do the service that keeps us safe in our sobriety. However, alumni programs also have many other benefits, such as:

  • Learning about new recovery events and programs that are going on in the area
  • Discovering new tips, trends, and techniques that are happening in recovery, such as new therapies or meditation methods 
  • Participating in volunteer work that can help people struggling with addiction in the local area
  • Taking part in recovery retreats and activities that not only bring life and joy to recovery but also bring an opportunity for service and serenity
  • Being part of a sober network that is available when times get tough or recovery feels rocky

Alumni Programs in Hawaii: Staying Connected in Recovery

Now while alumni programs in recovery are great all over the world, alumni programs in Hawaii can be next level. This is because there is so much to see and to do in Hawaii that can help us and others active and engaged in our recovery.

There is an ancient practice in Hawaii known as Ho’oponopono. It involves reconciling differences with others and finding forgiveness for them. This was originally used as a practical tool between communities or villages to ensure that conflicts could get resolved peacefully for the benefit of the entire island. It is now often used as a therapeutic tool to work through our problems in recovery in a structured and often spiritual way.

While it may not specifically be Ho’oponopono, these types of cultural offerings and teachings are part of what makes alumni programs so unique and special here in Hawaii. Also, the land and ocean scapes of Hawaii must not be forgotten when discussing alumni programs in Hawaii. Beautiful mountains, volcanoes, botanical gardens, and the Pacific Ocean filled offer many opportunities to participate in recovery activities and nature immersion that take advantage of Hawaii’s one-of-a-kind backdrop.

Staying connected as an alumnus
Staying Connected as an Alumnus

Connecting with others is crucial in recovery. Learn how our Hawaii drug and alcohol treatment centers can help by calling us today at (866) 390-5070.

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The Importance of Long-Term Recovery Over Short-Term Gains at Hawaii Island Recovery

There is another Hawaiin proverb that goes, “E hele me ka pu’olo.” As with other proverbs in Hawaiian culture, this has many meanings. However, one of the most fitting meanings for what it means to participate in recovery alumni programs is to always make every person, place, or thing in better condition than when you left it.

Community-based Recovery Support

This is what it means to be part of a recovery alumni program in Hawaii. It means to give back to the community that gave us back our lives in sobriety. Of course, it also means to continue the joyful journey of recovery that was started here.

Yes, at Hawaii Island Recovery, we believe in long-term recovery over short-term gains because we believe it is about the thrill of the ride rather than the thought of the finish line. The alumni programs throughout Hawaii can help us take elevate that thrill to the next level. As they say in 12-Step recovery, they can help “rocket us into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed.

Hawaii is unlike any other place when it comes to treatment and recovery. Its breadth of ocean, hiking, and beach activities makes for a fantastic place to learn about who we are, explore opportunities, and ultimately find the truest version of ourselves. Alumni programs are no exception. The community in Hawaii is strong, and therefore, alumni programs in Hawaii are among some of the best in the country. If you feel like you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you are not alone. For more information on alumni programs in Hawaii and how to seek the best alumni programs in Hawaii that will suit your authentic needs, please reach out to Hawaii Island Recovery today at (866) 390-5070.