The accommodation is great!

The accommodations at Hawaii Island Recovery are great. A large clean house and property. A safe place to go throw the start of recovery. Everyone on staff at residence were patient, kind and available the for every clients needs. The private chef Dani was amazing.

All employees are professionals

Out of all the employees we see her the most and she is professional, kind and loving and her meals are second to none. 2 meetings a day with transportation. HIR really helps people get out of their comfort zone and connect with a sense of community. All of
the therapists are incredibly intelligent. I’ve been to therapy before but the 4 therapists on staff from the first visit brought out things about myself I did not know where there and helped me grow. The case manager was wonderful and helped me along my path with legal, work and after care.

I would recommend HIR to all people

I would recommend Hawaii Island Recovery to people of all kinds. It is program helped me beyond my wildest imagination and I am grateful.

Handwritten Testimonial:

Handwritten testimonial of one of the HIR's client

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