When I came here I was a mess. Now I am feeling more alert and more conscious. I have learned how to cope with stress better, however, I still seem to be nervous. I am going to be getting outside therapy to deal with some trauma that I’ve had happen to me when I was younger. The work that I am getting here at HIR has helped a great deal. However, I am getting on some antidepressants for my earlier trauma. The staff have all been helpful in getting me to settle down. I believe most of my stress comes from living with new people and their different stories. I’ve been much better at training my thoughts  to stay out of other people stories. Going
to the gym helps me and my thought, changing my way of thinking. I have never been in any type of rehab before. I have been better at speaking out-loud and learning to return my mind to more positive thoughts. All in all the experience at HIR has been positive. I have participated in all HIR
events, without reservations for the most part. HIR has provided a great deal  of positive experience that I will use when I leave. I do feel a lot better and believe that HIR does provide enough information and tools to handle the outside world. 

How to deal with Trauma?