If I could think of one simple profound word to describe my stay at Hawaii Island recovery (HIR). The word would be “grateful.” I’m very grateful, for all the staff  that actively participated with my personal journey of sobriety. All staff held utmost professionalism and utmost care and sensitivity, providing me with all the structure I need to to plan my course. As new as creating a “Ohana” type of atmosphere with the whole organization and everyone involved. I am truly grateful for all the tools I acquired  to help me rebuild my foundation in life. Care, friends, and love aren’t usually part of my usual daily vocabulary. This, this organization has thought me to “care” about others and most of all “care” for myself. The new found “Friends” and I have developed, I will continually water as our bond like a tree will grow. Most of all I learned to love again, my live. My words has become chuse not it defines the strong person.  I now became, and for that I am very “GRATEFUL”.

Gerard Bucao