When the US economy tanked a few years ago, a consequence that was not talked about was the alarming number of previously successful men and women who not only suffered severe financial losses but who turned to drugs, alcohol and pain meds to alleviate their fears, anxiety, and frustration. People who may have previously taken these substances in socially acceptable ways were now getting in serious trouble through dangerously increased usage.

HIR’s evidence-based treatment program

Hawaii Island Recovery Clinical Director Dr. John Hibscher believes  HIR’s evidence-based treatment program is well suited to problems of the high-achieving business executive faced with huge new challenges. Often turning to drugs and alcohol for relief these leaders of the business world were sometimes quickly undone and derailed by an addiction they never saw coming. Add to this volatile picture the added stress and pressures a sinking economy produced and you had a recipe for disaster.

Hawaii Island Recovery is an innovative and exclusive facility

HIR, located in the tropical splendor of the Big Island of Hawaii, is at least 3,000 miles away from everything and everyone. HIR offers a program for those who want rehab and then some. It’s an intensely therapeutic community with an impressive success rate and is a treasure trove of treatments to restore and strengthen body, spirit, and mind.

This superior rehab facility is like nothing on the mainland, with all the attractions of an exotic holiday and all the rigor of science-based treatments for fees that are comparable with those that offer far less. HIR is not a luxury rehab, however. The house is very nice, but not what many would consider “high end,” like those palatial Malibu rehabs. Clients at HIR clean their own rooms, help maintain the house, do their own laundry, and even help with cooking on the weekends.

Some executives turn to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and food either as their means of distraction or as a way of coping with the everyday pressures of their corporate lives. These things may initially help boost an executive’s self-esteem, but increased usage and dependence on such guilty pleasures can develop into an uncontrollable addiction.

HIR has put together a comprehensive and individualized rehab program

Hawaii Island Recovery recognizes this growing concern among executives who develop an addiction they are unable to turn their backs on. Indeed, getting out of the pit of addiction is not as easy as falling into it. As a residential rehab institution, HIR has put together a comprehensive and individualized rehab program that caters to the diverse needs of those who seek effective addiction treatment.

According to Dr. Hibscher, ‘Wall Street Wonders’ are often adrenaline junkies whose daily fix of power and money are rarely frowned upon like chemical addictions although they often accompany them. Stress coupled with the expectations that accompany “success” creates a vulnerability for excessive self-medicating and a spiral of destruction that has left many of these people financially depleted and numb. George Carlin used to say “not in my backyard” …well?  This is even worse, it’s in your bank account.

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