Addiction is a complex disease. However, how people understand and approach addiction is still in a time of change. While past and outdated understandings of addiction are defined by notions that addiction is somehow a personal moral failing or the direct fault of an individual simply not wanting to stop using, developments in understanding addiction have further understood addiction as a disease that can fundamentally affect an individual in many different ways. At the forefront of addressing addiction as a disease to be addressed rather than a personal fault is an addictionologist in treatment.

The role of addictionologists in treatment and recovery is paramount for a comprehensive and effective approach to sobriety. Hawaii Island Recovery champions the work of addictionologists and utilizes this approach in their own daily practices for the most up-to-date and effective approach to healing. 

What Is an Addictionologist in Treatment?

An addictionologist in treatment is a highly trained medical professional specifically trained in the complexities of overcoming addiction and its effects on the body and mind. Also called an “addiction medicine physician,” addictionologists specialize in addiction medicine and providing effective and current medical care practices to those overcoming the effects of addiction in their own lives. Working with an addictionologist in treatment can provide not just effective care, but also impart a new understanding of addiction as a disease, along with the most effective resources to address the effects of addiction in each individual’s healing journey. 

Is Addiction a Hereditary Disease?
Is Addiction a Hereditary Disease?

Addiction has a number of environmental and hereditary components. Learn about the factors of addiction by calling our rehab in Hawaii at (866) 390-5070.

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Healing With an Addictionologist in Treatment

Addictionologists are an important part of an effective recovery journey, helping those overcoming addiction not just better understand the effects of addiction on their health, but also providing new perspectives and trained medical care to address these challenges for a truly transformed life. Knowing what to expect when working with an addictionologist in treatment can help those in recovery better benefit from their role in the recovery process. 

Addiction as a Disease

With pervasive stigmas still continuing to influence the perceptions of addiction, addictionologists can be crucial for changing each person’s understanding of addiction, especially for those who are overcoming its effects themselves. Self-blame and guilt are common throughout the addiction and recovery process, and addictionologists can be vital for addressing addiction as a disease rather than a personal failure. This empowers those in recovery to address their own needs and set recovery goals based on overcoming the disease rather than blaming themselves for past mistakes. 

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Separating oneself from being defined by the disease can introduce new ways of approaching treatment and sobriety. Likewise, addictionologists approaching addiction as a disease can provide the most up-to-date methods for addressing addiction and its effects on the body and mind. This can include providing proper medications for managing withdrawal symptoms, mental health disorders and challenges, and more that can further empower those in recovery to address their own needs and goals in recovery.

Addressing the Entire Spectrum of Needs and Care

Addiction affects every facet of a person’s life, and being able to address the entire spectrum of needs in recovery is paramount. First of these areas that addictionologists can provide support is the physical side of addiction. That is the ways in which addiction fundamentally affects the body, from the way that neurotransmitters are programmed and other physical needs and goals, as well as physical challenges such as chronic pains. 

Second, addictionologists address the psychological side of addiction, exploring the way the brain has adapted to the use of addictive substances, as well as how it is adjusting to the cessation of drugs and alcohol. Not only does this help to address any mental health disorders, but also explores the reasons behind the use of addictive substances in the first place. For instance, addictionologists may work to address the effects of anxiety, depression, or other mental health disorders, or help identify if an individual’s use was informed by environmental factors.

The Dangers of Replacing One Addiction For Another While in Recovery
The Dangers of Replacing One Addiction For Another While in Recovery

It is critical to engage in balanced recovery to avoid replacing one addiction with another. For more details, call Hawaii Island Recovery at (866) 390-5070.

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Lastly, working with an addictionologist in treatment can also provide support in addressing the social side of addiction. Social and spiritual components are often misunderstood due to the continued prevalence of harmful stigmas. Managing spiritual healing at Hawaii Island Recovery and addressing social needs, exploring new communities of peers, and even addressing the reparation of relationships with loved ones and family are all part of the recovery process that addictionologists are prepared to provide care and guidance over. 

Engaging With Addictionologists at Hawaii Island Recovery

A comprehensive approach to healing is paramount for overcoming addiction and the various ways in which it can affect daily life. Addiction is never the result of personal or moral failure and is rather an incredibly complicated medical diagnosis that demands professional treatment. Specialized addictionologists can explore addiction as a disease while addressing the different dimensions of care necessary to not just overcome addiction, but to thrive in a life of sobriety. 

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Talking with addictionologists about personal needs, adapting medical care to address the effects of addiction, providing medication as needed to address mental health disorders and withdrawal symptoms, and more are all key advantages of addictionologists in treatment and professional recovery. Access to this educated medical care can make a transformative difference in each individual’s journey to a healthy and sustainable sober future. 

Addictionologists in treatment can provide the best, most educated approach to a new understanding of addiction and the recovery process. At Hawaii Island Recovery, addictionologists are available to help you embrace these changes and the best approach to your transformed sober future. Not only can we provide medication and medical assistance to bolster your own recovery efforts, but we are also committed to helping you address and overcome the various dimensions of recovery while creating a new understanding of addiction as a disease, rather than a journey of self-blame and guilt. For more information on how our addictiologists can help you further your recovery goals in sobriety, call to speak to us today at (866) 390-5070.